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The International Monetary Fund (IMF), the powerful organization that oversees the global financial system, significantly raised its economic forecast for Mexico this month and in fact, warned that the economy South of the Border may be in danger of “overheating”.     Latin America’s second larg...
Keeping a good smile has become a pricey proposition in American these days.  Half of the population in the U.S. does not have dental insurance and even a regular visit can run you in the hundreds of dollars.  Need a new crown?  That will cost you about $1,000.  In a medical profession where den...
Televisa, the largest broadcaster in Mexico, said Monday that it is seriously interested in providing telecommunication services at the new International Airport being constructed in Tulum.  Executive Vice President Alfonso De Angoitia told analysts, “We are looking at that option in respect to ...
On Sunday, when the final whistle blew, thousands of Mexicans took to the streets and converged on Plaza de Cibeles in the trendy Roma Norte district of Mexico City.  They blew their vuvuzelas (stadium horns), banged drums, and marched around the squares fountain, singing and chanting.   The Cib...
The World’s two richest humans, Carlos Slim, a Mexican, and Bill Gates, an American, are teaming up to donate $150 million of their own money to fight malnutrition, malaria and other health problems in Mexico, Central America and elsewhere around the world.   For those who may not know, Carlos S...
Mexico has sold over $65 billion pesos of bonds this year luring foreign investors away from other bond markets like the U.S., Europe and China.  As investors are seriously contemplating a double dip recession, they are questioning which bond markets are yielding higher returns and won’t risk de...
BMW the world’s largest maker of high-end automobiles, said it would invest $2.4 billion in the Mexican economy by 2012.  The Munich-based, mega-luxury car manufacturer has plans to also increase its purchase of Mexican auto parts from the $615 million it spent in 2009.     A spokesman for BMW s...
The New York Times published a article last week that should not come as a surprise to workers, investors, or anyone looking to retire.  Apparently, Wall Street firms and most notably private equity firms have too much money to invest and not enough time to invest it.  Private equity firms typic...
Bloomberg reported yesterday that Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach and the Florida Keys face a 61-80 percent chance of the BP’s tar balls reaching their popular beaches and precious real estate.  They face a greater probability of being affected because the black oil has entered the Gulf’s loop...
The Mexico bank lending recovery is solidly on track to post double digit growth this year as Mexico's economy accelerates out of the recession.  All of the major Mexican financial firms are predicting bank loan growth of 15-20% this year and sustaining this rate for the next several years.  Mex...

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