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  Euromonitor International, one of the world's leading independent providers of business intelligence, said yesterday, that Mexico will overtake Italy to become the world’s tenth largest economy within the next 9 years.     By 2020, Mexico’s GDP (gross domestic product) output will reach $2.84 t...
"A Gold Rush" - Travel & Leisure   Despite hyped-headlines and the barrage of “salesy” articles and press releases that are currently flying around the blogosphere, the sleepy town of Tulum on Mexico’s Caribbean coast could make quite a few people very, very rich.   Only a few years ago, you cou...
According to a Wall St. Journal report, 31 separate economists have raised their economic growth forecast for Mexico for 2010.  Surprisingly, this good news comes at a time when recent U.S. data indicates a economic slowdown for Mexico’s northern neighbor.   Analysts expect Mexico’s economy, whi...
  Do you really think that the uber-wealthy are riding out the dramatic, roller-coaster gyrations of the stock market alongside every other American stock holder?   If not, then you might want to listen up.  What I am about to tell you could dramatically affect your economic future.     How would...
“600,000 homes face $3 billion loss over 5 years” - Bloomberg Businessweek   Bloomberg reported yesterday, that in the wake of the BP oil spill (the largest in history), some Gulf Coast homes and properties have lost an average of $56,000 each, a whopping 35% since May alone.  Over 600,000 water...
Despite hyped-headlines about drug war violence, Mexico, surprisingly, remains the reining #1 favorite vacation spot for North Americans.  In fact, the number of American visitors coming to Mexico is up about 30% from this same time last year.     What may be even more amazing is the number of A...
  “A Hot Spot for Yoga Tourists”  - New York Times   Ok, it’s now is not just for hippies anymore. Yoga, the 6000-year-old art, is fast becoming a massive, multi-billion-dollar industry, with 35 million practitioners in the U.S. alone.  Don’t believe me?  Search the word ‘yoga’ on...
ASUR, the privatized Mexican airport group that operates Cancun International airport, announced today that there was a 39.79% increase in Cancun’s international traffic for the second quarter of 2010 year-over-year.  According to the report, revenues increased by 33% and operating profit rose b...
With headlines of drug lords dominating the news, it’s easy to imagine Mexico to be a place with little hope.  The fact is, in many cases, quite the opposite is true.  In tourist rich areas of the country, like Mexico’s Mayan Riviera, the middle class is burgeoning and most Mexicans say their fu...
Many people are considering buying a second or vacation home in Mexico and only want to spend a few weeks or part of the year in it.  The financial opportunity exists to make enough rental income to cover the property's costs.  A purely hands-off rental investment property is extremely desirable...

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