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  The government of Quintana Roo has just announced that the first phase of bidding for the construction of the new Tulum International airport (Riviera Maya airport) has been completed.  19 competitors started the bidding process, and as of now, only 10 have survived this first phase of bidding ...
According to a Thomson Reuters’ research report last month, Mexico has now replaced Brazil as the top M&A Market in the Americas and surpassed 15 other M&A markets worldwide including the U.S., Switzerland, Indian, China, Spain and Australia in the first half of 2010.     Mexico announced their ...
The number of tourists to Mexico has increased by more than 35 per cent in the first half of 2010.  Even more staggering, is that of the number of Canadians traveling to Mexico, who in June alone increased over 107 % from the previous year for some fun in the sun… Ole!   Mexico's Secretary of To...
Growth of Cancun 1978 - 2007   Finding and taking advantage of real estate booms can be a risky and tedious proposition, especially when looking internationally.  Real estate deals sometimes look enticing from a distance but a granular look exposes weaknesses.  Yet, once in a while you stumble a...
  Carlsbad, California based Callaway Golf Corp announced today that it is moving manufacturing operations to Mexico.  Callaway, one of the world’s most recognized golfing companies, will soon start manufacturing state-of-the-art golf balls, the number one rated golf irons and the famous Big Bert...
According to a report from CNN Money, Mexico has defeated China as the #1 place to manufacturing assembly products bound for the United States.  Mexico is becoming so much more attractive that even Chinese companies are moving to Mexico to take advantage of NAFTA benefits when exporting to the U...
Perhaps the richest man you’ve never heard of, Carlos Slim, who beat Bill Gates to become the first non-American in 16 years to become the “Richest Man in the World”, is now the New York Time’s largest single independent shareholder.  The terms of his agreements allow him to buy up to 18% more o...
That’s right, for the first time the British have now fallen behind Mexicans in the purchase of property in the U.S.  The National Association of Realtor’s study showed Brits account for 9% of foreign property purchases, while Mexican buyers have jumped up 10% this year.  In fact, Mexican invest...
Despite drug war fears, the U.S. automotive giant said this week that it will invest $500 million in Mexico to produce a new line of engines and a whole new line of cars.  Grace Lieblein, chief executive of GM Mexico, said that manufacturing these new cars in Mexico will allow for a 10% increase...
  As a expat from the northeastern part of the United States, I always wanted to experience the World Cup in a futbol (soccer) crazed Latin American country.  Now that my favorite month every 4 years is over, I must say that watching the World Cup in Mexico was like watching my local high school ...

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