Listen up, guys! This is an important announcement and I need your full attention! All eyes and ears on me, please! We will be doing a database update on Monday, June 20th, from 9-11pm PST. ActiveRain will be completely unavailable to you during that time. Our team needs to take the site down for...
I think we can all agree that some folks wear the fine lines of time and worry well. I would feel much less guilty entertaining my worries if the resulting wrinkles made me look as dashing as Indiana Jones. And yes, I'm a girl, but still. I wouldn't mind looking a little like this guy. Unfortunat...
In an attempt to keep our community as spam-free as possible, the ActiveRain development team has been working on implementing the best method to catch and eliminate spam comments on blog posts. Utilizing a CAPTCHA (an acronym meaning Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and ...
If you're an ActiveRain Rainmaker, you may have noticed the absence of the Rainmaker hotline number that is usually posted at the top of your screen during business hours. No worries, this is only temporary! The service we use to provide us with the toll-free number is having a problem with their...
Imagine, if you will... a Monday.  Not just any Monday, but a Monday in which you begin to wonder if you've somehow driven the ActiveRain staff into hiding. That support ticket you sent on Sunday afternoon still hasn't been answered. Your calls to the Rainmaker Support line result only in sufferi...
"Some persons hold," Charles Dickens once wrote, "that there is a wisdom of the head, and... there is a wisdom of the heart." Many of you have noticed the recent issues regarding the ability (read: it wasn't working) to upload headers to your ActiveRain blog, and perhaps you've been feeling a bit...
Dr. Watson, the ever-logical assistant to the great and glorious Sherlock Holmes, was a man of keen intelligence. However, he did not share the phenomenal powers of deduction that his friend Mr. Holmes possessed in great abundance. At one point, Sherlock famously exclaims to Watson (perhaps in ex...

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