We've had a few requests for a tutorial on the new toolbar and we answered them with a live webinar on October 2nd. You can catch the recording below and if you have any additional questions you can contact member services or leave it in the comments on this blog. In this webinar, Bob Stewart wen...
I'll start with a blanket "I'm sorry". The changes we recently made, especially to the blog editor were not met with the excitement we had hoped. (understatement of the year). Had there been no bugs, I'm going to assume people would still have been uphappy with the fact that the blog editor chang...
  Updated on Monday, September 30th (Please forgive my may have noticed the spell check is gone!) The updates below caused quite the stir as there were a few bugs in the update that made your experience posting blogs a little challenging. Here is the latest update: Spell Check: C...
ActiveRain will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours beginning 9pm Pacific, 12am Eastern on Thursday, September 26th. Exciting SEO updates, blog editor enhancements and more coming your way! Thank you for your patience as we work to improve ActiveRain.
We had a successful release last night which required zero downtime.  Our development team made big SEO strides as well as bug fixes and enhancements.  Allow me to share a few with you. Color ThemeYou asked, we delivered.  You now have the option of orange or blue to display in your profile box. ...
    We’ll be out of the office on Monday, September 2nd! Here’s a Haiku to hold you over :) Parades, Fireworks A Working Man’s Holiday More Rain, No More White Enjoy your weekend, we’ll see you on Tuesday! ~Written by Staff Contributor Kristi Knutson  
The new profile pages are live and hot as a cat on a tin roof, whatever that means. With the new format available for you to customize you may have questions about specific pixel sizes or types of documents you are able to upload. We've broken it down as best we could, if you ever need anything f...
ActiveRain will be unavailable tonight, August 22nd from 8pm until 11pm Pacific.  This downtime is necessary for the completion of the profile updates!  Yes you heard that right, AR is getting a facelift and we couldn't be more excited. Look for a fresh new profile look to wow all those who come ...
New Profile Pages are on the Way In the near future, ActiveRain will be taking the second step in our redesign of the site. The first step was the header for the entire site. Step #2.....Profiles. We are really excited about the new profile pages on ActiveRain. They have a much cleaner design an...
ActiveRain just released a bunch of fixes today without any downtime to you.  Our mission is to make your life easier and keep this platform running the very best we know how.   There's a process that happens when something is broken on AR.  A staff member finds it or has it brought to our attent...

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