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Spring is a great time for the photography of flowers, yet summer holds some true gems for the lens. I enjoy using a micro lens to get right on top of any number of small flowers with many hidden beauty's that a close up lens such as the micro will bring out in their full splendor. And it is time...
The Very Best of Austen: The 1996 mini Television Masterpiece Theater production of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice has got to be the best rendition of any Jane Austen book ever brought to screen. It really captures the essence and style of Austen in a way that no other that I have seen has don...
They've been around for a while but I only discovered Ellis Peters Cadfael Omnibus quite recently. Having rented one of the television adaptations starring Derek Jacobi, a favorite Shakespearean actor, I decided to start reading the Cadfael Mysteries for myself and I love them.   picture by debs4...
A Heavenly Herb: Rosemary for Every GardenMyself and many before me have experienced a passionate appreciation for the popular herb Rosemary.  Now there are many herbs and all have their fabulous uses, some more than others, but Rosemary would be my pick if I had to choose a favorite. My love for...
As Time Goes By is a BBC television series of the 90's that I absolutely love!Judy Dench and Geoffrey Palmer make a fantastic duo in this comedy of lost love rekindled rather late in life.It is a simple yet charming story that above all is done well. It holds the viewers interest throughout its 9...
A Review of Masterpiece Theater's New Twist on Northanger Abbey  picture by the3agirls All right ladies, as most of you who like this movie will be ladies, this one is one to check out most especially for any of you who are p...
Famous Quills Game of Quotes picture by loveangelstar_2006 It's simple enough really and just a fun little game to get our minds off work and safely tucked back in between the pages of our favorite books. So here is how it works:...
   JRR TOLKIEN'S The Lord of the Rings is an exceedingly well known and loved trilogy that arguably put the genre of fantasy fiction on the map. Few modern day authors have accomplished the depth and scope that is the world of JRR Tolkien. Tolkien published many works including The Silmarillion ...
  Another fantastic classic author, Alexandre Dumas won my heart not with his dashing Musketeers or iron masks but through the life of a Count. The Count of Monte Cristo is perhaps one of the best books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It is so wonderfully rich in tale, culture, and myste...
Some thoughts on the Science Fiction novel...  Although its not my #1 favorite, I can be caught reading a Science Fiction Novel from time to time. Some are enjoyable despite their simplicity and some are way to complex to catch my interest. I find some to unbelievable or laughable to stomach, whi...

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