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Two decades ago I, then a sixteen year old, was leaning against a brick wall on one of the most famous streets in Moscow, Arbat.  The wall contained a memorial of sorts that my friends and I created for a singer who was killed that summer, and we guarded this wall night and day.  To kill time, we...
To not offend the spirit of AR, I won't mention any of the many recent blogs here that served as inspiration for this post.  I'll also apologize to my regular subscribers in advance for this blog, as it's neither poetic, nor political or anything else you've come to expect from me. This one is al...
Do Your Prospects and Clients look and sound like they are made of money? Once upon a time, I was dating a disgustingly successful hedge-fund owner dude.  He was very, very good at what he did and was basically worth a fortune one could buy a small country with.  But you'd never know it by lookin...
(first, a disclaimer and a little plea for my Active Rain friends: my mom, Olga Zolsky, is a member of AR, though she hardly ever posts, and she is turning ** on January 1st.  If you can spare a moment, please follow the link to her profile and wish her a very happy birthday. Or, just live a comm...
I know this isn't news to some of you.  I planned on staying silent on this subject, but today, I learned that Café Press decided to reinstate all the merchandise that quotes Psalm 109 under the heading of Pray for Obama.  Of course, in a somewhat sneaky manner it only quotes one verse, 109:8, wh...
I have seen all kinds of posts on AR that made the hair on the back of my neck stand; heck, I have probably written some that had the same effect on others.  This morning, though, I woke up to the most shameful display of indecency.  The post in question has thankfully been removed in short order...
There was a time I complained publically about the dire state of our healthcare. I didn't buy into the right wing arguments that the US had the BEST healthcare in the world; after all, there were all these numbers coming out that kept contradicting those statements, like our infant mortality rate...
It appears that I owe quite a few people on AR an apology... What started out as my seemingly innocuous idea with creating the coffee drinkers network for like-minded folks has resulted in quite a few hurtful jabs thrown in all directions, secret and not-so-secret groups and chats popping up wher...
So here we are, trying our best to battle out the health care debate with the crazies, arguing with downright laughable insinuations (death panels, school-based-abortions, communist takeover), and the administration, instead of dissecting the bill for the moderate dems to assuage their fears - ar...
Tracy Chapman, who's written so little and said so much...to me, one of the more honest tributes to Dylan, whose inability to not be so drunk all the time made him lose some luster.  Tonight - that's what I am litstening to; her singing Bob Dylan in some small intimate cafe, probably on the West ...

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