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Judging by lots of comments on Barbara Todaro’s featured post on direct mail, a lot of you at the very least are toying with the idea of this back to basics prospecting method.  Barbara has been doing this for many years, and is consistently generating results, and the statistics quoted in her po...
It has been about six weeks since an inoffensive postcard we designed and printed for a sweet Canadian made its first appearance on her kudos to us sort of post here in the Rain.  The discussion it generated was eye-opening on so many levels, and it spawned all sorts of comments, and even a few p...
I know there are better things to worry about and talk about with the oil spill, wars, Sarah Palin’s maybe brand new pair of perkies and/or any real life concerns and issues that plague someone somewhere on any given day…but.   Since there is been so much discussion lately on the magical powers o...
I know it's probably in really bad taste to reblog something that speaks so kindly of us, but I couldn't help it.  I heart Susan.  I have been meaning to get something out to my favorite past clients since Christmas.  I have been, thankfully, busier than a one armed paper hanger, and just didn't ...
A rather common way to teach someone to swim where I grew up was to throw the subject off the shore or a boat and watch as the child sank, terrified.  Some paddled their way out on the first try and were fine from that point on, others were pulled out by their ‘teachers' and got dropped right bac...
I take my time. I write fast, but at times, I mull over things for weeks or months. I joined the Rain sometime in October of 07, so it took me some three years to get to the first big magic number. By most standards - that's way too long. But as journeys go, it was always about the trip, not the ...
Big companies, brands and products with wide commercial appeal have a tag, a slogan or a jingle associated with them.  Most of the recognizable ones came about after huge chunks of money were chucked at a board room full of long-haired ad men and, more recently, women, who threw around countless ...
I’ve been told that the one thing small business owners need more than anything nowadays is tips on how to save money on stuff by doing things on their own.  There are, of course, resources online that can guide one through any project out there, replete with samples, templates, YouTube’s and all...
A few days ago, our newest client, a sweet gal from Canada, received 7 boxes of brand new postcards that we designed and printed for her.  She thinks of herself as a "pain in the BEEhind" client (her words), but in reality, she was great to work with.  She contacted me with a request for rates an...
I am not a terribly prolific blogger or commenter, so this climb toward my first 100k has been a slow journey. My oldest son who appeared here first as a sweet young teen is going off to college in a few months.  My dogs are no longer puppies, and I am a few wrinkles richer, if not wiser.  Things...

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