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I don't ordinarily reblog things, so this is important. Very important, to me, and to a whole bunch of great people whom I respect immensely. Please share this, and if you can contribute in any way, please consider doing so. In money, in hugs, in tweets, in any way that will help ease the pain so...
Few people who know me well would describe me as overly social. I am, in my non virtual life, an introvert of sorts. I tend not to enjoy small talk, in fact, it drives me crazy. I will rarely start a conversation with a stranger or even with people I know, and I wear a defensive armor of sorts wh...
A bit of bragging rights - but I think it's pretty warranted. Our client's marketing WON 1st place for print marketing materials and agent website, clevelandhomessearch.com, which we only built some 6 months ago. We are happy, and well - we'll let him tell you, if you've missed the original blog....
Fireworks broke out these last few weeks with Chris Smith (Inman News Evangelist) publishing his Real Estate is no longer a relationship business piece.  As expected, not only did it start a conversation, but resulted in a few rebuttal posts, (which are linked to at the end of this blog), and a f...
What was your life like before there were blogs, and tweets and klout scores? How did you spend your days and evenings pre-FaceBook and Google Plus, and is there anything about the old you that you miss? I’ve been thinking about mine, lately. There was a time I was very much anti-computers, even ...
Unsolicited testimonial from a client is always welcome, and yep, reblogging it, cause I don't say nice things about us:-)  That would be self-promotional. Thank you, Katerina and Nestor!!!  Thanks to Inna at HaMedia group - our company- International Properties & Investments Inc has a makeover. ...
An innocent question regarding SEO for real estate posted in the real estate tech support group I am a member of resulted in a few very interesting responses.  A few contributed by John Smith [name changed], from what I gather a realtor and maybe also a coach (although I could be wrong) demanded ...
With so much talk on how all of us should be engaging on various social platforms, I figured it's time to introduce the social and anti-social me.  Your thoughts are alway appreciated.:-) Introduction Inna Hardison #Eav(cHAMEDIA) trades for 28.65 a share, with 22 shareholders.  Her Klout is 58. (...
I’ve been rather hip and popular lately. I got the G+ circles with folks whose names or faces I don’t recognize sharing stuff with me on Google Plus, I’ve got FB friends and fans, twitter followers (although I hardly ever tweet), LinkedIn invites and all sorts of other nifty things that ought to ...
Todd Carpenter wrote an interesting post about Klout last week, with the gist of it being that paying attention to Klout score doesn’t necessarily measure anything worth measuring for a real estate professional.  The way to get your Klout score up is basically to talk to and be +K’ed or mentioned...

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