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So... I can finally say I am a published author! In large part thank you to some of my earliest readers, the community on Active Rain. I am writing to my very first readers on Active Rain now mostly to say thank you for all the words of encouragment about my writing. You've all propelled me to pu...
I have not been here much in the last few years, so chances are few of you will see this post, but it's hopefully worth a try. My dad, Jon Zolsky, a long time AR member, had to have a quadruple bypass surgery this past Friday.  He is now home and just starting a recovery process.  I should have s...
I’ve always been a gypsy of sorts.  Not through my DNA, although I’ve never been quite certain of the bits that went into my genetic cocktail…  I am just one of those people who simply can’t stay in one place too long.  A vagrant at heart.  Nomad would be a kinder word, but entirely untrue, as th...
I know i've been largely absent in these parts, but felt like I should share this. For those of you who don't know, Jon is my dad. And that's basically our story. Today is March 5, 2013. By middle of the day, I couldn’t resist the temptation and asked my wife whether there was any significance in...
By way of brief intro, there has been a lot of jabber around my socials on brevity in writing/blogging/et al.  By way of a Friday joke, I made this status update, not expecting any responses.  But since I got some, it now officially constituted a dare. Click here for the rest of that FB conversat...
There has been an awful lot of chatter in various circles about new timelines release for business pages.  Some people are cursing at the changes (literally), others are taking it all in stride.  In the spirit of perpetually testing new shiny things, we threw up our new cover last night, which wi...
Att: Melissa Olson, Jim Wanzeck, Ed Hardey, Kate Jones, and anyone else who may be in a position of responsibility at Metrolist, Inc. According to your website: “Metrolist is the only real estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) serving the metro Denver area. We provide a broad database of real pro...
This is important enough for a reblog. For anyone using Diverse Solutions IDX, there is a security issue that you want to be aware off.  Yes, we are told they are working on it, but in the meanwhile, you should know what if anything you can do to protect your clients' data as well as your account...
No, I'm not reblogging this because it's a kudos from a client, but because I am truly humbled at the sentiments voiced. Most of the time when I am on the phone giving advice of various kinds, I feel like a schmucky parent who has to say "no" to their kids far too many times...  I wonder if the p...
Most of you who read me know that I've been absent in the Rain the last 6 or so months.  Part of it has to do with the fact that we've been extremely busy, and part of it is that I simply lost the passion for it.  I no longer find the conversations here stimulating, and it's far too rare when I r...

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