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Ingrid Laine Senior Mortgage Planner North End Virginia Beach
When I hear that line, it sounds so sleazy and disingenuous.  Say it… Then think of how would it sound if someone you loved said "it's not personal...it's business" to you. It's always personal when you are working with a person. The only time it's not personal is when you are working with a robo...
Many sales professionals are afraid of stating a niche, specialty, or just don’t know their target market. Not knowing their target market makes it difficult for people to refer to them. After all if they don’t know their target market or the kind of referral they want then how is anyone else goi...
Hello my fellow Virginia Beach AR Bloggers. Does anyone know a respectable handyman/handywoman? They do not need to be the cheapest, but not looking to be taken either. I need one that has refrences and would not make me feel strange leaving them around my family. I have a small list that is grow...
How often do you hear "Let's meet for coffee?" I like coffee but during the workday I like to get work done. So here are a few ideas I've learned to keep coffee visits profitable: When setting the appointment also set the agenda. example: "Sure coffee would be great. Let's bring our planners and ...
Hi it's Ingrid!   I am just sending out a quick note. If you have a prospect that needs to be under contract in time for the tax credit I may be able to help. I have a loan that may work if their credit is under 620 but over 540 depending on the situation. Please give me a call I can pre-qualify ...
Hello my AR Friends, When it comes to reporting errors I would begin by writing a letter to the credit bureau. You will need a paper trail and a stamp. If there is actually an error they are fairly accommodating, especially if the company that listed the error helps. Another way to get a better c...
In my opinion it's time to buy. Here's why: The odds are quickly stacking up against the "wait and see" option.  First, waiting risks prices going up, and let's face it they usually do go up.  Second, waiting also adds the risk of interest rates going up.  Here are a few examples that quantify th...
Hi, it's Ingrid! I have just another quick idea to share with you, my AR Blogging friends. One thing that I believe is that everyone on the payroll should be bringing prospects to the table. My husband worked at a brokerage firm (stockbrokers) that even told their office cleaning staff that if th...
AR Friends, I noticed something in advertising, blogging, social media, print, etc. - People are not asking for what they really want. I know asking for what you really want sounds simple and I know not everyone is doing it! Is it the fear of looking greedy that's keeping you from asking?  That w...
Okay, some of what I am about to say may seem counter intuitive but I am experiencing a boom in my business.  I hope sharing why will help you, my fellow AR Bloggers! Recently, I started a family.  So I said goodbye Happy Hour, Chamber Socials, and BNI after hour activities.  I am strictly an 8am...

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