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Ingrid Laine Senior Mortgage Planner North End Virginia Beach
I know the irony here. Yes this is a broad post about going super local. But I just had to share this with my a|r friends because it is working great for me and it may work for others too. Recently my marketing team (my husband's company, the dave flanagan advertising agency, also on active rain)...
Hi AR Friends! I have a quick technology question for you. The mortgage company I work for uses Encompass 360. I have a website page in my company’s website but I would like to have my own for prospecting purposes. Do you know of a vendor that could help me create a website that would work with m...
Thoughtful client gift ideas for under $15 incudes shipping!    You can put your logo on T-shirts, Bags, Mugs, and Christmas Ornaments, or just add a photo of your client for a thoughtful and personal gift.   Make just 1 or as many unique gifts as you wish. You can personalize each item for a tru...
There is an extension of the 1st time home-buyers tax credit for military members if they served over seas for a certain time during certain dates. I have attached the information below. If you have any questions or need help with a home loan please feel free to call me, email me, or go to my web...
There is a FREE service that Google offers with their Google voice, which is also free, that will convert and then text/email you all of your cell phone voicemails. You never have to check your voicemail again! Also, if you want, you can log into your Google account and listen to the voicemails o...
  Does it depend on the confidence the Realtor actually has in their ability to actually sell a home? Does it depend on what they plan to do to sell the home? I would be afraid of the Realtor that says they will sell for so much less than the average price. What am I giving up? Why do they not th...
Okay in 1980 I was promised a flying car by the year 2000… wasn’t I?  I think by now we should have the technology to have one of those hover skateboards like on Back to the Future 2…or was it 3? So my active rain friends… Should I lodge my formal complaint with NASA or Steve Jobs?  Perhaps Georg...
Our kids are three and two. They will never live in a world without iChat and Facetime! When they want to “Call” their cousins, they actually expect to see them face-to-face! How funny! When I hand my cell phone to my kids to talk to Grandma and Grandpa they don’t know what to do… They say: “I ca...
Have you ever met someone at a networking event and then met twenty more people? A week later you don’t know who the heck those people are… and they don’t remember you because they met twenty people too! Well, I jot a quick note on the back of their card to jog my memory later about the conversat...
AR Friends, So I am Working on my facebook business page... again...  Tip... don't put the name of the company you work for in your facebook page name if there is even the remote possibility that you will actually depend on that page for your business AND there is the possibility that you may on...

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