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Keep up with the latest and greatest in online marketing developments. More than that, learn how to integrate them with your current marketing initiatives and strategies.
Google is now requiring HTTPS as a standard for all sites listed on its search engine. This is big news for any real estate company that is interested in improving their real estate SEO and real estate online marketing. If you are not using HTTPS, you should consider switching as soon as possible...
Google+ and Facebook have unveiled group chatting and video chatting to much fanfare (Note: Facebook is not offering group chat...yet). Exciting news, but what does this mean for real estate professionals, and how can you incorporate these new features into your online marketing strategy? It’s st...
It took me a little while to get on board with the smart phone revolution. Through stubbornness or arrogance or an irrational fear of a robot apocalypse I managed to avoid them quite successfully until a few months ago when I finally updated to an Android (and it's barely left my hand since). One...
If you’re anything like me, you have dozens of accounts for websites and services in all corners of the internet. And, like me, you may find it impossible to keep track of a different password for all of those accounts, so you end up either: a)      Using the same password for every website. b)  ...
The biggest piece of tech news this week? Google gets social. Exciting, right? Sure, we’ve seen this before, but this newest attempt feels different. Sleek design, an incredibly easy-to-use interface. It’s too early to say, but it’s looking like Google may have hit it out of the park with this on...

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