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Keep up with the latest and greatest in online marketing developments. More than that, learn how to integrate them with your current marketing initiatives and strategies.
Facebook’s user database is 4 times greater than the total population of the world’s 3 biggest countries combined. With more than 2 billion users logging on to the social network every month, the chances of there being prospective condo buyers in your city, and using Facebook, are quite high. In ...
The release of sold prices and other real estate data gathered by the Toronto Real Estate Board has been benefiting real estate websites in Toronto, Ontario, and the GTA. As TREB lost their legal battle in August, they have now provided the information to the public that they tried to get their m...
If you’re not generating real estate leads, you’re not going to make it far. Every year, the online real estate industry grows as consumers increasingly turn to online real estate websites. While most realtors will talk about Facebook ads as a great investment, we’re constantly seeing more market...
Real estate marketing is constantly evolving. If you work in the industry, you know that trends are always changing, your clients are expecting more than ever, and you have to find efficient ways to display all of the information they want as quickly as possible. Do you want to be seen as a profe...
Pre-construction condos are hot commodities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Lower price and greater choice are its biggest selling points among real estate buyers. Buyers are given time to raise the money and pay out their down payment in increments leading up to the closing, which is generall...
If you’re considering participating in the Barrie real estate market sometime soon, you’ll be happy to know that, despite a rather rocky year in 2017, the market is finally stabilizing into a solid environment for investment. Barrie is a rapidly growing city that is quickly becoming the go-to des...
So you searched through the many houses for sale in Barrie, Ontario. You’ve made all your arrangements, finished unpacking, and now you want to unwind and indulge yourself in what the city has to offer. Barrie’s got far too many activities to list in a reasonable length, but take a look at these ...
Looking for a city to live in that offers not only a vibrant social community but also a strong economy to work in? Barrie Real Estate is the way to go! Read on to find out what exactly about Barrie makes it the ideal location in Canada to settle.The Bustling Social Scene You won’t ever feel lone...
Canada’s real estate market is changing quickly, and the city of Barrie is no exception. Considerable changes in price, sales volume, and market conditions can be observed in Barrie’s dynamic market. Here are some recent trends from the spring of 2018 in Barrie real estate. April Pricing for Barr...
Word of mouth can only travel so far. Those real estate advertisements that you see, or even commission, on the sides of buses, park benches, and in the local newspaper, are only effective within the local community. If a prospective client does not see your advertisement, it is as if the adverti...

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