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Investor Helpers is a Real Estate Investment Consulting firm located in Plymouth, Michigan. Specializing in Real Estate in the Metro Detroit area we can be a valuable asset to beginning investors and experienced investors alike. Our team of consultants can help you make the best decisions and fi...
   United States of America (Press Release) December 9, 2008 -- Addressing a packed room of new Real Estate Investors, Business & Financial Services Coach S. Gabriel Shumba discussed the proper ways to go about obtaining Business Lines of Credit from Lending Institutions. From proper legal struct...
  Investor Helpers invites you to a Free Real Estate Seminar! When: Tues. December 16th, 2008 & January 27th, 2009 From: 6:30pm - 8:30pm Where: Investor Helpers Office 40600 Ann Arbor Rd., Suite 100 Plymouth, MI 48170 Phone: 2.800.290.8372 x7901 Topics covered: - How to get started - Building you...
Is the sky really falling for Detroit Real Estate Investing? Of course not! In a "down" market, there's even more opportunity. The enterprising Real Estate Investor will figure it out and continue to be successful..... In fact, this continues to be one of the best times in American History to acq...
I'm sure this is welcome news to many struggling homeowners.... This is good to see, especially during the Holiday Season.Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently announced that they are suspending foreclosures from Nov. 26 through Jan. 9 in order to work on its loan modification plan. The following a...
How about a "Bail Out" (or Bridge Loan) for all of the Investors who bought property from 2002-2005 & are now upside down Big Time.... But, seriously now, this is a pretty interesting chart of how many people are impacted by the auto business, according to state.
  Wow! Check out this video depiction of the number of foreclosures in Wayne County Michigan.... What a time to be investing in Detroit! ..... 130+ pages of foreclosures in Wayne County alone. The Gold rush is on!! ..... Inv...
United States of America (Press Release) November 20, 2008 -- Speaking to a room full of new investors, Business & Financial Services Coach S. Gabriel Shumba discussed the importance of establishing a proper Business & Legal Structure when investing in Real Estate. Shumba was the main speaker at ...
SEO Experts (& novices for that matter), I'm looking for the pros and cons of having ones blog attached to or separate from their website. Can anybody provide feedback on whether its best to have a blog within my website or have an outside blog that links back to my website for improved SEO? Than...
Did you know that most business lines of credit for the newer Investor are still personally guaranteed? There's a misconception that because business lines of credit (and business credit cards) don't report on your personal credit file, that you can default & not be responsible for repaying. Noth...

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