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An investment property is a valuable asset, so you should not trust the care of that asset to just anyone. Taking the time to research and locate the right Property Manager can save you time, money and a few hundred headaches down the road. Investors Choice Property Management (ICPM) is dedicated to setting an example for our peers in the industry. Experience Property Management The Way It Should Be.
I did not think I was in the market for a new laser printer, but during a recent shopping trip to Costco, I decided to purchase a new HP Officejet 6500 Wireless Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax.   I have a 6300 model from HP that has been a little workhorse for our small, service-based property managem...
As a small Sacramento-based property manager for the past 16+ years, we have had the privilege to work with some of the very best Landlords in the area, from 1st time investors to seasoned real-estate professionals, people are coming (and staying) with our services due to a simple but stringent g...
It has been an eventful year of foreclosures and short-sales, but don't start thinking we are out of the woods yet. The government's moratorium on foreclosures is due to lift August 31, 2009. As a small property management company that can often rent to people facing foreclosure, we are looking f...
As a professional residential property manager these past 16+ years, I have had my fair share of challenging scenarios. Most scenarios involving Landlord/Tenant relations fall into 4 possible categories: 1. Good Landlord/Good Tenant- My favorite scenario, and by far the most rewarding one to work...
Unlawful Detainer Actions (Evictions being the more commonly used term) are an unfortunate part of the Property Manager's job, and one that we hate to have to perform. In situations like these, the best that can be hoped for is a quick turnover with a minimum of damage, so here are a few pointers...
As a professional property manager since 1992, I have my fair share of odd stories that have stuck with me over the years. Here is one of my favorites: I had occasion to call Ms. Parker (name changed to protect the slightly deranged) during the summer of 1995 after I noticed her lawn was looking ...
We just pulled off a small miracle this week. Our tenants moved out of their home on Tuesday, we had the home painted Wednesday, cleaned Thursday, carpets cleaned Friday, and new tenants moved in Saturday morning. Even for professional property management, that is a pretty tight turnover. What sh...
We are seeing a definite increase in call volume for all of our vacant rentals, as if someone turned on an imaginary switch somewhere. What started as a fairly slow week has turned into a dash to screen applicants, as we now have 6 vacancies ready to rent with applications on almost everything. W...
As a property manager in the greater Sacramento area, we are often compared to other companies with differing philosophies on just how the job should be done. With over 16 years of management experience, I have had some time to consider how we want to be identified in the marketplace, so I have t...
The market is right for buyers out there and we are reaping the benefits of providing exemplary service through the acquisition of new accounts via referral. These are not just any referrals. Instead, they are our absolutely favorite kind of new business- 2nd generation referrals. In just the las...

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