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  I never thought I would say this, but I just had a relatively easy short sale closing.  I've done quite a few in the past year, and every one was headache, shortest before now was 5 months, the longest 8 months.  Most that time spent making sure they had the complete package.  For those who hav...
  Interesting articles coming out now, my favorite is "The Freefall is over".  To call what we have been though as a nation a recession is putting it mildly, but that we are beginning a recovery is likely.  I remember in school, (not going into how long ago that way), simple economic indicators w...
  The esteemed New York Times has put Anna Maria Island on the map. We got raves for our sandy white beaches, our laid back community and the best restaurants around. Old Florida never looked so good, as the writer captured our ambiance in word and photographs. I think I'll go sip a Mojito on the...
A lot of discussion lately about the economy. Have we hit bottom, are we turning around, are the home prices stable, is it time to jump in and see how the market fares? I read a lot blogs, financial columns and of course the newsletters from our Multiple Listing service. All are contradicting eac...
Dog Days of Summer I love em!  I know unbearably hot and humid, a/c set so low that your glasses fog up when you walk outside.  A wave of heat like a sauna blast hits you as you open the car door and the steering wheel is slowly but surely branding the inside your hands.  Everyone wants leather s...

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