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Here are all of the unique and "out of the box strategies" I have used that cost little or no money and bring little or no competition because no one else is doing them or doing them so uniquely.. I have executed on these to sell over $100 Million of Residential Real Estate and the last few years...
There’s a famous saying you’ve probably heard:“Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”While that may be true to some degree, there’s gotta be some “steak”, right?Nobody wants only sizzle.That’s why in sales, you need to show and deliver both!Here are 3 quick rules to master sales:#1 You need an audience...
We make decisions each day based on 3 simple things:#1 Is it worth my time?#2 Is it worth the effort?#3 Is it worth the money?Almost every activity you do is analyzed by these 3 questions.For example, in your real estate career you have considered..Do I pay for leads -  only to decide it’s just n...
You probably already know this but let me say it again - Time is money!Every time you choose to work with a lower end, bag of issues, emotional clients..Your Losing Money!Honestly we should always keep working referrals no matter what the price range..But think about this "Only 4 Higher End Home ...
First of all PREPARE NOW!Over the holidays you will be given more time than usual to put great things in place..It takes the same amount of work to close a $200,000 home sale as it does a $1,000,000 home sale..Actually way more effort and issues for the lower end closing..Focus on these four thin...
You have two choices..1- Double your transactions2- Double your average sales priceI chose the latter..Adding a few higher end sales to your business changed my life and will yours too..What I learned was you only need to focus on four things (works for all markets)1- Superior knowledge of your m...
These are my my most popular Active Rain Blog Posts so I hope they are the most informative also..The Top 5 Reasons To Sell A Few Luxury Homes Every Year  10,497 ViewsThe 10 Places To Find Luxury Home Buyers And Sellers   6,744 ViewsReal Tactics And Strategies For Selling A Few Luxury Homes This ...
If something is holding you back from selling a few Luxury Homes every year, stop it :-)I will attempt to give you the confidence you need in this video to add at least 1-4 Luxury Home Sales to your business..I would like to pass on my experience with you in this video in order to get rid of any ...
Labor Day Giveaway -  Free Luxury Home Sales Training Module!How to be super confident in your Luxury Home Market in 30-90 Days..Adding 4 Higher End Sales you your business every year will change your life!Most of all it will free up your time to be with your family or do things you love..Click o...
Always keep your existing business going to make sure you have cash flow..Then go add these 4 sales to your existing business this year and ever year..Simple goal and simple math..1 Home Sale @ $500,000 = $15,0001 Home Sale @ $700,000 = $21,0001 Home Sale @ $1,000,000 = $30,0001 Home Sale @ $1,50...

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Luxury Home Sales Training
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