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I don't wanna do my homework....words that parents have not heard for a few months once again begin to permeate the halls of our homes in Kingwood Texas.  We can all remember the days when we said those very same words.  I suppose our children learned them from us!  No matter how you shake the di...
For many parents the fact that the children are back in school is a real treat.  For others, it is time to sing the blues.  Some children are also excited about going back to class and being with old friends and getting back into the routine but others are like Huckleberry Finn and just want to k...
Yes, it would appear that the Dinosaurs are coming and making their trek to the NE Houston area.  We have heard about this for several years and it would seem that we are now one step closer to it becoming a reality.  The location is actually in New Caney in the NW quadrant of Hwy 59 and Caney Cr...
As we quickly approach 1 Sept 2009, there are a few more changes in Texas law that you might want to be made aware of.  This one concerning "crime" hopefully does not affect most of us at all but it is still good to be made aware of what our legislators are up to.
I think that most of us can attest to the fact that driving is not what it used to be.  The sleeker, more powerful and much more expensive automobiles has changed the driving experience for us all.  All too many times I have wished for more stringent laws and more experience for new drivers befor...
Carrying a handgun is certainly a common practice in Texas.  Whether you carry or not, oppose it or embrace it, there are some changes that you need to be aware of.  Not everyone that carries does so legally.  In other words, some have a concealed permit and some do not.  These changes affect both.
A quick heads up might save you a costly ticket in the next few weeks.  As of 1 Sept 09 there will be a new seat belt law that affects us all.  Take note of the way that the new law reads so that you can avoid an unexpected ticket and keep you an your passengers safe.
It is not uncommon for people to contact and experienced Realtors and ask if they should rent or buy?  Only you can really answer that question but you need to decide with some good information before you simply say yes or no.  It amazes me as to how many people that do want to buy and do not do ...
You will be elated to know that we are experiencing some record sales in the Houston Real Estate Market compared to the previous year. As of today, here is the official report from the Houston Area Realtors report. Now is a great time to buy or sell so if you have any real estate needs or simply ...
As of Sept 1, 2009, you may no longer use a mobile communication device in a school zone unless it is hands free.  This includes texting, email etc.  The new law also states that the designated zones must have signage stating that this is now illegal. Abscence of the proper signage MAY MEAN that ...

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