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                  The Maryland AAA reports that traveling is on the decrease due to the increase in fuel prices and many people are opting not to travel this 4th of July holiday. This cutback in traveling will find property owners spending more leisure time in their homes.  I think we may see a t...
As we tune in to watch the 2008 Olympic Games this Summer, we will be reminded that every individual there worked on their skills through all kinds of adverse conditions.  It is not an easy road to get to that level of competition.  Most of them have dedicated most of their life to perfecting th...
I recently took a technology class that was taught by one of our own, Camille O'Donnell.  Camille is the featured member in Queen Anne County, Maryland.  She is an excellent instructor and her class is packed with information and tools we need to be using in our real estate practices.  In her pre...
A Shining Light for Karen George - Outpouring of Support for an Oustanding Active Rain Member Karen George, National Wholesale Mortgage, is battling cancer with courage and grace.  Many of you are followers of her blog and have yourselves written some inspiring blogs to support Karen.  Karen, a v...
  Annapolis, Maryland Named One of Top Six Waterfront Towns In America I have the privilege of living and working in one of the most beautiful towns in America.  Annapolis, Maryland was recently named one of the top 6 waterfront towns in the country by National Geographic Adventure Magazine.  Man...
Today I was listening to the radio and heard a real estate agent talking to the host.  The guest was Margaret Rome and she was talking about the TypeE personality.  Immediately she had my attention and I turned up the volume.  Margaret was describing me!  I had never heard of TypeE before and I w...

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