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National housing market problems....hah!Not in our neck of the woods, we are having a wonderful fall market.  For many different types of properties.  I called about a listing today and it has been on the market about 6 days.  Three days ago, it had 6 offers.  Alright, I may have cheated a little...
How many times did you sit at an open house and say, whew, I am glad I spent my time doing this.A friend and I talked about this todayWe are hired to SELL, Close Sales, that's what the consumer wants.Follow up, ask for the sale, keep the person interested.....Show the property, show its features ...
This morning I woke up, the weather was perfect and I looked at the schedule.  For the first time in a while I didn't have anything pressing on the schedule and .........A Road Trip, why not take a road trip for the day.Today I drove with two friends to Galena MD and Chesapeake City.  Lunch overl...
I have a client who has promised a "testimonial".  I thought I saw a place on this site to post TESTIMONIALS and now I can't find it.This just came in an email from a gal who bought last year.  I sold their house and they bought their new house with me.Somtimes something happens and you really ap...
What a day regarding the lowering of the interest rate!.  I heard the public radio show tonight and Greenspan was talking about the Feds lowering the interest rate, something that wasn't done in 4 years.  The press is trying to make sense out of the Mortgage shortfalls, bank problems, foreclosure...
I have been in West Chester all my adult life.  I have seen the transition of the town, hate to admit it, over the past 30 years.   And the good news, the people who were just born 30 years ago, or less,  are bringing the town's popularity to a NEW LEVEL.  I was so taken back last night when I pi...
So the market is decent and you're sold out of everything...., now what?  If anyone has mastered the timing of listing and selling and can share, please do.   I am not, nor have ever been able to master consistency.  It may be a self fulfilling prophesy because I know when it does happen, and I s...
This weekend is the big "Community Day Event" in West Goshen Park.  Lots of people participate and there are crafters and food stands.  It is on a much smaller scale than the events that take place in the borough of West Chester.  Lots of good FALL Events are happening there.On Thursday evening, ...
Today is a busy day, a presettlement walk through and a home inspection.  Doing Real Estate full time is the only way to do this.  There are so many aspects to be in this business.  Many hats to wear and experience pays.    (I strive to  make it a good experience for my clients and do for them wh...

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