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When was the last time you thought, I am so blessed to have what I have, live where I live, do what I do......Yes, times are tough but really, we are all in this together, right. The other morning I had the most amazing "gift" (thought,) while I was taking my usual walk with my dog in West Goshen...
OK there are some difficult economic times but what a way to make people feel confident. The President, Barack Obama sure did a good job of spreading the positive energy through the country, didn't he? or is that just the good ol press again. So many TV shows and talk shows, and entertainment sho...
When you have been in a certain area for over 20 years of your career there comes a time when you reflect on who you know, what you've accomplished and how you can make your mark in the community in which you live.  Ok, I am no one special.  However, I have gotten to know a lot of people over the...
Real Estate slows down over the holidays, NOT!! I am meeting with some people who are moving to the area from Vermont tomorrow and the house I am selling has someone looking at it too. I always am amazed when people say it is slow around the holidays.....a self fulfilling prophecy, not me, not ev...
I talked to a perspective client today after "staying in touch" for about 5 months.  This is what he said to me, "I interviewed too many Realtors, you all said the same price and now I am having a hard time choosing a Realtor" So what do you say to that?! I said "blah, blah, blah, the usual, pick...
Recently I had the pleasure of having a client couple over my house for dinner on a Saturday night.  This couple moved to the area from upstate Pennsylvania in March of this year.  They are both professional, he is a hospital administrator and she is a physical therapist and it was interesting to...
Today I took my usual walk at &;15 after I dropped my daughter off at school.  What a beautiful day it is, I had my jacket on but I actually thought that it might be time to get the gloves and hat out. My dog, a big AKITA, loves this weather.  Even though he is 10 years old, he gets a "puppy" HOP...
I  went to the Restaurant Festival in West Chester last Sunday, what a fun time.  We met alot of local folks and some of the greatest restaurants were represented.  Just to mention a few, Spence Cafe, Avalon, De Stars, Margaret Kuo's, Dippin Dots, Mabels BBQ/Spare Rib, Tecca, Maggie Moo's, Pita P...
Lets see, what an exciting week.  First, they opened the justice center, the tallest building in the town, brand new, beautiful, a site to behold. Then, there was a pipe bomb found in the down town parking garage, then, there was the normal everyday stuff.  I love living in West Chester, PA
Its been a while since I wrote but today I felt compelled to do so........I am at the beach in Brigantine NEW Jersey, the town north of Atlantic City and it is Labor Day weekend.......I am with my husband (he left early), my sister, her husband her daughter and her husband.  I came down for 24 ho...

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