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   Let’s talk about selecting team members to create a team. Creating a team is not an easy task, and it should never be. Creating a team was the first step of my “exit strategy.”   Yes, everyone should have an exit strategy. In order to continue to earn commission checks, even after retirement, ...
  It’s that time of year, and this is what I found in my mailbox this morning.   Thank you, Will Hamm for your thoughtfulness. I love your calendars and use them every year.  You’re the best.  
Beautifully described Homer Alaska.....   Across the Bay Across the Bay – Life Lived by the Tides The bounty and beauty of the water, the power of the tides, the creative spirit of artisans — all tucked into nooks and crannies along Kachemak Bay's southern coast. Time seems to stop once you head ...
  How does a real estate agent ask for business without doing it awkwardly? Yes, many are uncomfortable with that task. When discomfort is the mindset, it will not be a smoothly addressed narrative.  When an agent is uneasy with participating in a conversation to ask for the business, the degree ...
  Survival for a seasoned real estate agent is overwhelmingly stressful.  Can you imagine what newly licensed agents are experiencing in this very competitive market? Listings are the name of the game, just as they have always been, no matter what the market conditions.  Having said that, we need...
  Let’s talk about the word “abundance.”  There are many paths that result in success. For me, it was the path known as “abundance.”  Is that a path?  It surely was for me. The first true fact that I learned about the real estate profession is that word travels very quickly. With each successful ...
   Let’s talk about fix and flip transactions and its participants. I always enjoyed finding and selling homes that were in need of work. I rarely needed to list them, and after explaining to the owner how I work this type of property, the owner was always onboard with me. The “fix and flip” home...
It's at the point where I can't ever tolerate listening to the daily news....and I'm a news junkie!!!!  time for some'll love these....   Life is hard but when you fall down, pick yourself up and say, "Who the hell pushed me?" Some days I amaze myself. Other days I look for my pho...
I’ve always had the attitude that every mistake can and should have the capacity to possess a spin. Did that one knock you over? It’s the truth. We all make mistakes. For every rule there’s a legitimate way to spin it and/or bend it. Everything in life is not stiffly created. Everything has flexi...
  Every real estate transaction is different because it’s a people business, and each person is unique. When agents are faced with a tangled web to unravel, they need a sounding board.That sounding board is a mentor, and that individual does not need to be in a management position. Not all Broker...

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