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Pay it Forward - Acts of Kindess is Golden! I have heard of people receiving money when least expecting it. A waitress getting a $100 tip. A family receiving a holiday meal, or clothing given to a person who is homeless.Sometimes it is difficult to separate the people who really need help, from t...
  Life, Liberty and the American Dream is what our forefathers envisioned for the United States of America. Visionaries’ help people see into the future,  however, often times many are thought of by their peers as being a little crazy, or eccentric. I am sure when the forefathers decided to gain ...
 Entrepreneurs are Green Spotted Kittens with Pink Paws I thought that title would get your attention. Now we know there is no such thing as Green Spotted Kittens with Pink Paws. If there are, they are really rare but so are entrepreneurs.To be an entrepreneur is to be different from everyone els...
Selling a Home May Sometimes Need a Toothbrush! Many homeowners under estimate the resolve of their Agent to sell their home. Case in point, I remember a movie released in 1999 staring Ann Bening and Kevin Spacey. The movie was focused on a middle age husband that had an infactuation for his daug...
Buyers make a House a Home, Sellers are selling a commodity. Often times I receive calls from Buyers who are looking for a house. However, they actually are looking for a home. A home is where you build relationships, bond with friends, raise your children and make your dreams become reality. As ...
Did you Know?   The eleventh habit of wealthy people is that they own Real Estate. For wealthy people who have found their path to financial independence, it can be summed up in two words: Investment Property.   Theodore Roosevelt said, “Real Estate is the basis for all wealth.” In fact, all weal...
Here we go again, hold on to your hat, the roller coaster is about to start.    It is a known fact that if you do not learn a lesson from a mistake you made, you are doomed to repeat it.  Are we in fact seeing a housing bubble starting to form?  Yes it is a little harder to qualify for a loan th...
I have only been the real estate market for seventeen years, so I am a novice compared to those who celebrate 25 to 30 years.   You have probably seen all types of situations in the profession we chose to exercise. I know change is good, and of course change happens.  Perhaps I am a little out o...
I am a transplant to Arizona; I made that trek across the desert almost seventeen (17) years ago and I have not looked back.  If you are looking for beautiful winter weather, Chandler is the place.  If you are looking for Mountain views, Chandler is the place.  If you are looking for Blue skies -...
Phoenix has been one of the hardest hit cities by the foreclosure, and short sale market.  I am starting to see a change where the inventory is going down, and the prices are inching up.  As a matter of fact, I am challenged to find a home in good condition that isn't receiving four (4) to five (...

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