By Craig and Jason Womack Now is the time to take ownership of making positive changes in your life, and begin a journey to another level. As more of the people around you discuss the issues and opportunities they are facing these days, it is even more important we consciously choose what to wor...
Points are up-front fees paid to obtain a better interest rate on a loan. One point equals one percent of the loan amount. A lower interest rate may result in a lower monthly payment, but it is important to consider how long you intend to be in the loan, and to compare current rates to historica...
Did you know there are email rules? Watch as author and former Yahoo! Chief Solutions Officer, Tim Sanders, shares just a couple of them and how to make your messages more effective. ( Do you have any email rules or tips that you live by? Please comment below and let me know.
Should "kids" apply for a credit card as soon as they are legally old enough? Not in all cases, according to Janet Bodnar of Watch as she explains her criteria for obtaining that first credit card. What do you think about "kids" obtaining credit cards? Is it best to wait?
Healthy Alternatives to Newfangled Fads It seems like most of America is on a diet of one sort or another. From Atkins to South Beach, there’s always at least one regimen that captures the country’s imagination for a time. The irony is that in the beginning, many of these diets actually seem to ...
Dr. Stephen Covey defined the 7 habits of effective leaders and is one of the most respected sources on leadership. In this short presentation, Dr. Covey pushes leaders to be not only effective but truly great by looking at the Execution Gap. Dr. Covey states, "To achieve goals you've never achie...
Author and business trainer, Jeffrey Gitomer illustrates the value of customer referrals and how to get them. He offers you these 6 tips to encourage proactive referrals: Contact me at 678-648-5626 or by email for more information regarding becoming a referral source. For more information regardi...
From Ric Edelman’s Inside Personal Finance First, set a positive goal for yourself. “I will save to buy a home” is a positive goal, while “I will notspend money” is a negative goal. By focusing on the positive, you’ll quit spending money because you’ll be so focused on your goal that you won’t n...
I want to start off this new year with an inspirational video that will encourage you to take action on whatever life brings your way: Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears.  ~Arthur Koestler What is your motivation for this year? I hope that you have a very prosperous ...
Imagine the nightmare of having your home damaged or destroyed. Then, to make matters worse, imagine trying to recreate and remember all of the contents of your home for insurance and replacement purposes. Many thousands of Americans find themselves in that situation every year. If it happens to...

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