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Real Estate Agent - No longer in the sales business
Looking for a business-ready home? Find out what to look for and what to watch out for. Make the best choice of your life with quality resources from HomeKey. Call Marsha Cleaveland, Keller Williams Realty Professional Partner for real estate in Maricopa County, Arizona.
After a couple of profit-free years, I made the decision to close my real estate sales business and refer my callers to other active agents.  Real estate taught me a lot, and I don't regret the effort made.  I value the relationships forged and the soul-searching involved in this decision.  Altho...
Banks now own more than 45% of the homes on the market in many areas of the nation through Foreclosure and Short Sale status.  This has affected the buyer's ordinary rights in purchasing a home, and will have significant long-term effects. Important consumer protection rights which are being erod...
You may have read and followed Widgets in 5 easy steps, and now you're ready for a bigger challenge.  Check out the ‘Headline Animator' in the left panel of my blog - it flashes the titles of my last four blogs to catch your eye as you're reading this one.  Or the mini version of my blog in a Spr...
Ever wondered how to put those cool widgets in the right panel of your AR blog?  Here's how to do it, made easy.1.  Log in and open your AR profile.  Click "My Settings" in the left panel.  Go into the small box labeled "Blog Description" (the middle box) and scroll down below the text you have p...
Wondering what to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon?  If you're in the mood for a great Sunday afternoon in Phoenix, here's the answer:  climb Piestewa Peak (formerly known as Squaw Peak).  There are seven trails to choose from, ranging from easy to moderate to difficult.  Only two trails go all the ...
 Homeowners who bought real estate in the '05-'06 boom, especially those who took out mortgages of near 100%, find themselves upside down with nowhere to turn.  With a mortgage of $400,000 and a current market value of $320,000, many are frantic to sell and get the load off their back.  But is se...
Glendale attracts thousands of visitors and new residents every year.  With a growing population and rapidly expanding business network, opportunities flourish.  You'll want to know what to see, where to go, and who to meet while you're here.  How can you find out about the city before your visit...
Should you Short Sale?If you're following the news, you've been hearing about the mortgage crisis in America.  Three factors have converged to create a difficult situation for many homeowners:1)  The market spiraled out of control in '05 and '06 when many bought their homes at record-high prices....
Is Real Estate a National Treasure or a National Disaster?Success leaves clues, and real estate is no different.  What are the points on the secret map of real esate?  Can we follow the trail to find our way to the City of Sold?  1.  Follow the path left by successful realtors in past down cycles...
An open invitation to new experiences...Like a child on his first visit to the seashore, with eyes, hands and soul open to drink in the new experience, we can move toward the coming year with excitement and hope: ready to explore, eager to shape the pliable sand as we please.  We are on the edge ...

Marsha Cleaveland

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Homes in Glendale, Peoria and Phoenix. Specializing in homes equipped for home office or home business. Professionals, teachers, independent contractors recieve skilled attention when buying a home. Marsha Cleaveland of Keller Williams Realty Professional Partners will help you find a great location in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Real Estate in Phoenix

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