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Hi Everyone Been spending lots of time researching into buying a tablet lately. Sure I have a phone and many other gadgets including: 1) HTC LTE Android through Sprint. 2) 2Go Netbook which is totally shock proof and very small 3) HP quad core Desktop with 6 gigs of ram 4) Samsung Android camera ...
Most people think of a Home Inspection as the process of checking the furnace,looking at the roof, walking around the perimeter and trying to view broken windows,opening the electrical panel, inspecting plumbing for leaks,looking at the foundation for cracks and maybe scuttling through the crawl ...
After years of being an Active Rain member it only makes sense I share a little of my thoughts on Home Inspection Report writing . Some other inspectors that often do 3-4 Inspections a day may wonder why in the world my reports are so large and contain many photgraphs .An example of how it appear...
Below is a little autobiography I wrote a few years back which was produced for my Association "The International National association of Home Inspectors. I am one of only several Inspectors to have the honor of being highlighted this way so am posting it here as well as a suppliment to my Active...
Remember as mentioned in my previous article cooking ,preparation,storage or cleanup is the primary goal of any kitchen. This article is about storing perishables.  The reason for having one is to cool food and slow bacteria or freeze it and stop bacteria all together.The best temperature for a r...
Decide which Cooking appliances to buy.   Should you have stove and oven in one unit ? Cooktop separate from oven ? Gas?  Electric?   Which one you choose depends on several factors.   You should consider space and budget Fuel choice Preference   Bear in mind that the main goal of a kitchen and r...
A guide to types of appliances ,how to install properly,and deciding what type to buy. There are many various types of appliances (a devise or tool designed for a specific task) and when it comes to kitchens they are used mainly in the preparation of food or related tasks. Lets start with an empt...
Is this your dream kitchen?       Updating a kitchen is important if you are selling your home to increase the value as now in days most people want lots of work space ,layout and nice appliances.   Find a contractor who will help you by giving you ideas,options ,and prices   Potential buyers loo...
Here I sit from my hotel balcony in the Wisconsin Dells on vacation writing about about yet another trip I will be taking in early October to Vegas. My plans are to rent a car and visit my daughter outside of San francisco and will be my first time in California so if anyone has tips on what to d...
My newest website is the result of a great template from Home Inspector Pro and bit by bit over time learning by trial and error. Attending Active Rain camp ,reading articles on the internet,listening to HIP's Dominic and using tools such as SEO Book or others that help you determine rank such as...

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