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Muskgon, Muskegon Residential I can provide market information on all aspects of the Muskegon homes, investments, I have been a REALTOR for 25 years and have sold 90 million dollars worth of West Michigan Real estate. I can help you find a vacation home or a foreclosure. I know and understand the Market. I see Muskegon as a under valued stock about to go up.



This Make since. What if it was your money There have been numerous blogs this week that discuss pregnancy and the inability to get a mortgage. The blogs make it seem as if banks are sending pregnancy test kits with the disclosure documents and after reading more than one blog, and the comments, ...
This maybe importain if you are doing a short sale.There has been a very important change in U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD): they have changed the definition of "foreclosed".  Below I have copied the definition of "foreclosed", as well as "abandoned",  from their website (you can check ...
1. You must have cashflow and have a sustainable return on your investment now or within a predetermined amount of time as well as in the future. 2. Appreciation of your property is not a right and is not garunteed. It is a bonus. 3. Location and neighborhood is still important. 4. Real estate is...
Just think about it. If 90,000 Bike timers Spend $100 each that would be 9,million. That is a lot of money my friend. And the best part of it is that most of it will come from outside of Muskegon. So when you see Bike timers this week be kind nice welcoming and say thank you for comming to Muskeg...
We have a hot tub , pool table , Large game room with Muskegon Lake behind the house and Lake Michigan Just down the road. We  are open for most of July due to a last Minute cancellation. Our cottage is great for get togethers of friends reunions , Fisherman a weekend trip to Michigan adventure. ...
Lets Spend our time getting the Market Healthy HEY FANNIE MAE.  I HEAR YOU'RE PLANNING A COOKOUT FOR THE 4TH OF JULY. GAMES FOR THE PARTY.  FANNIE MAE PLANS A TREASURE HUNT.  Hey Fannie Mae!  I heard you're COOKIN' UP some new ways to bury the American home owner deeper into financial ruin. YOU'R...

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