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INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST sets the standard for MOLD INSPECTOR's in the Leesburg, Lady Lake, Mount Dora, Wildwood, Fruitland Park, Ocala, Gainesville, Newberry & The Villages, Florida. We are distinguished by our background in Engineering, Chemistry/Biology and Residential and Commercial construction and by our extensive theoretical experience with intricacies of structural issues; environmental issues. We are Central and North Florida Mold Experts. Mold Inspector The Villages, The Villages Mold inspections, The Villages Florida, Realtor The Villages, Mold inspector The Villages, Ocala Mold inspector, Mold inspections Ocala, Gainesville mold inspector, Gainesville Mold Inspector, Mold Insurance Inspections, wind mitigation, Mold Inspections, mold testing, Mold testing inspector, Mold inspections, Newberry Mold inspections, Newberry, Sumter County, Lake County, Marion County, Alachua County, Mold Inspections, Mold Inspections, Mold testing Gainesville, Micanopy Mold Inspections
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The biggest concern with mold due to water damage in a house is the growth of black mold. Stachybotrys chartarum, as it’s known to scientists, is a micro fungus that occurs rarely in the wild. It instead prefers the cellulose building material of our homes! It often grows in damp areas or places ...
Black Mold and Other Commonly Discovered Mold Types You will find all kinds of scientific answers to the questions about black mold: what is it? What does it look like? How dangerous is it? I like to simplify answers to questions so folks with little technical and scientific background can grasp ...
The purpose of a mold testing/inspection is to determine the presence of mold spores in an indoor environment. Our mold IAQ test will determine what kind of mold genus is present, the (raw count) amounts found in the air and if the number of spores found are normal for that environment or elevate...
If you're concerned about potential mold issues at home or business—or if you already have an active problem—contact your insurer immediately for more details on what kind of help they may be able to provide. Then make sure that when submitting a claim, all necessary documents (including photos) ...
What Are The  Symptoms of Mold Exposure?​There is a great deal of media exposure concerning "Black Mold".  The most frequent references to "Black Mold" are concerning a form of Stachybotrys, Chaetomium, Memnoniella, Trichoderma and Fusarium Mold which is a common mold usually associated with wet ...
Mold can be a major issue for both homeowners and businesses. For those unfortunate enough to be affected by mold, the task of dealing with it can often be difficult or expensive—but what about insurance? Can you get help from your insurer if you have mold damage in your home or business in Flori...
Does it smell musty in your home or office? Are you having difficulty breathing? Or, are you experiencing headaches and sneezing frequently? If so, mold could be the culprit. In this case, an indoor air quality test is necessary. Sometimes, however, the test may not be that necessary. This is oft...
Why Perform Air Quality Testing? Mold Inspections Gainesville Florida. What often happens is that you will notice that when you are outside, you breathe just fine, but when you get inside you will begin to have nasal irritation, sneezing, and sometimes it progresses to include headaches and naus...
Got Mold??? Don't Just Hire Anyone!! Ask for references and credentials. Highly important. Ocala Mold Inspections Not all Mold Assessors have the same education, training, experience, and expertise. Many companies have a great and effective website for marketing purposes. Many pay Google by the ...

John M. Acaron, CMI, MRSA

Master Mold Inspector & Chief Mold Assessor
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