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Going beyond the plethora of listings to discover what is keeping realtors from sustainable sales success.
An old song recently played on the radio by Bobby Darin entitled The Sweetest Sounds. For some these lyrics may be music to their Realtor’s ears: The sweetest sounds I'll ever hear Are still inside my head And the kindest words I'll ever know Are waiting to be said. For some Realtors their music ...
 Recently I heard a song entitled “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back.” The title struck a chord within me especially during this COVID situation. Here in AZ real estate is designated as an essential business. Realtors in many other states did not receive that designation. Regardless of the designat...
In sales and especially in real estate sales, no one like to hear or even say the word NO. Sometimes, Realtors even though they know this or that client is not the best fit, may continue to work with them. Their rationale may be the promise of a large commission, their concern for the client or j...
Again, another song made a connection to me. I was listening to an oldie, The Long and Winding Road, by the Beatles. The lyrics continue with  “That leads to your door, Will never disappear, I’ve seen that road before, It always leads me here, Lead me to your door.” What struck a chord in me was ...
In the 1992 movie, Glengarry Glen Ross, the sales trainer emphasizes the ABC of selling – Always Be Closing. This high-pressure strategy may increase sales, but in that process will lose or destroy a lot of relationships. Yesterday, I invested a 45-minute telephone call with an out of town couple...
In a comment to this blog, Maybe This Is Why You Can't Increase Sales, Grant Schneider referred to the misalignment respective to leaders naming the top three business goals. I, too, have experienced this business misalignment within in my executive consulting and coaching practice. What this mis...
Fact, most Realtors want to increase sales. Yet, they more than often overlook this aspect to grow their businesses – the Mission Statement. Having facilitated numerous sessions dedicated to writing Mission Statements, I always begin sharing this scenario. "Remember, Mission Impossible where Mr. ...
Today, many real estate brokerages have embraced the team concept. These teams have segmented the sales process into listing agents, selling agents and transaction coordinators. Funny thing, if we believe sales is about the transference of feelings (Zig Ziglar) or sales is about relationships as ...
Each morning I review our local MLS. This morning I noticed a new listing in our MLS that I had previously turned down. The reason was my sales gut along with my emotional intelligence told me this may not end up being a positive transaction and may possibly harm the brokerage firm as well as my ...
Believe it or not, would you list a home for $350,000 in a very stable neighborhood (homes are held for 15-20 plus years) and the market the home in the MLS showing only two (2) photographs of the front and side elevation? Oh, and by the way the property is vacant and the only one currently for s...

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