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Having fun selling land in Greece, developing land in the southwest tip of the Peloponnese, Greece, and creating Hellas Village ~ 15 bungalows in Evangelismos with pool and tennis court.
We have many buildable plots of land with a view of the Mediterranean and a peninsula with a castle sitting on the end of it.  It's a view I thought was only in fairy tales.  So I began to think - it's one thing to sell a sea view like this one, looking over an island and the blue warm Mediterran...
HONK Honk is a cute word.  Honking is fun to say.  If I say I say Honking out loud and really drop my jaw and get a certain sound to come out, it makes my ears go weird as if I'm talking underwater.  I like to say Honking like that.  But I can't go around saying Honking like that in public.  It d...
I bought the winning lottery ticket! Actually I knew it all along.  I had a hunch.  In the beautiful square of Pylos, there is a cigarette shop.  I know, not the best place to put a cancer stick store, but there it was, within walking distance to our office, as always, but this time it looked dif...
Yeah, in the shower.  And I do mean standing in a tub type of shower.  In the shower I was looking out of the window.  Watching a shower.  I thought that was funny.  And I wanted to write about it.  But as I stood there with suds in my hair and a razor in my hand and blob of conditioning soap in ...
I love fat. Fat is fun to say. There are so many great fat things. A big fat firework!  (hot topic of the day I'll presume)  Fat babies!  Now who doesn't love a fat baby?  Ever seen a Yamagata painting?  Full of tiny little fat people.  I have one.  I love it. (not a tiny little fat person, but a...
Living without for sale signs! Imagine living without for sale signs.  Can you?  I do.  I not only imagine living without for sale signs, I live without for sale signs.  I wouldn't have believe it if I hadn't first seen it in France, where I lived for 5 years.  I thought it was a French thing.  M...
Why stay in the states?  Oh sure, America is wonderful, but why stop there, why not diversify overseas?  Why not Europe?  Why not Greece?  Greece is the last place in Europe to have the great deals.  Greece has 10 million people ~  the city of Seoul in Korea has 10 million people. Can you imagine...

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Having fun selling land in Greece, developing land in the southwest tip of the Peloponnese, Greece, and creating Methoni Estates! It's an affluent neighborhood of luxury villas.