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"Waterworld", a post apocalyptic science fiction film, was filmed on the Big Island of Hawaii early in the 1990s and released in 1995. It claimed to be the most expensive movie ever made at that time (still?) and I can tell you a few reasons why, and it was not necessarily because of the producti...
Pet ownership in a townhouse or condominium complex needs to be taken very seriously. Today, I had a call from a friend who recently adopted a little dog who has a penchant for running away. Oh yes, it comes back, but still, it gets out and runs around the complex. And when a dog is out roaming a...
This has happened several times. Friends will ask what the value is of their home. No, they are not selling the house, according to the owner/friends, they just want to KNOW. FARMING OPPORTUNITY: We may think this is a waste of time but not necessarily. To me, it's an exercise in finding out what...
That's a loaded question, because when you think "Hawaii" you have this vision of: 1. Palm trees swaying in the gentle Tradewinds. 2. Lots of sunshine and warm weather. 3. Endless ocean vistas and taking dips in it. 4. Casual clothes including bathing suits, shorts and flip flops. 5. Mai Tais or ...
If you are in the market to build your own dream home in Hawaii, especially if you want to be in a prime resort area, the market is shrinking and your options few.  More often than not, investors have purchased older homes, torn them down and  built large mansions on these prime properties. lush ...
Why own a second home in Hawaii? This is not a new thought because this has been the trend for a long time. Let's examine who is most likely to purchase a house or condominium on Oahu/Honolulu, Maui, Kauai or the Big Island of Hawaii. WHY PURCHASING A HOME IN HAWAII MAKES SENSE:  1. First and for...
A first for Hawaii, a $50 Penthouse Condominium with its own swimming pool is planned for the new Howard Hughes Corp. luxury condominium development in the Kakaako neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawaii. To be built in the Ward Village project across from Ala Moana Beach Park on Ala Moana Boulevard, th...
Here on the Big Island of Hawaii, many buyers who do not plan to live in their home full time, usually end up buying a condominium where the Home Owners Association takes care of all property on the outside.  Not only that, but many developments have a Management Company that will rent out the co...
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Attracting buyers to purchase a luxury property in Kohala at the Mauna Kea Resort is partly a state of mind. If they have not been to the property, they need to be enticed with photos. Yes, it is normal that listing agents will have professional photographs taken of a luxury home for sale on the ...

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