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Just so you don't think I'm having too much fun here in Hawaii, let me tell you this was a Hella gruelling day.Early morning: A closing in California went off without any last minute hitches.Late morning and lunch: Drove to Kapolei on the west end of Oahu and met with some wonderful real estate p...
Yesterday, met with some clients who are also friends from the mainland. They wanted to go to Kailua for lunch and asked me to join them. And they asked my advice where we should go.HANDS DOWN: BUZZ's AT KAILUA BEACH.The husband, Richard Wiens, is the managing editor of www.civilbeat.com the onli...
The real estate market is booming in Hawaii when it comes to sales. For example, 500 condos were sold in Honolulu in June. That's the highest number sold since 2007, according to the Honolulu Board of Realtors of which I am a member.Interestingly, the median price dropped from $360,000 in June of...
My family and I went to cousin Wendy's yesterday in Kailua on Oahu's Windward Side who has a tie dye business. Somehow, I missed that whole deal back in the 70s and always wondered how they got those great designs.We all brought 2 white cotton t-shirts to try our own designs. The others in my lit...
There are some tip offs as to the GENRE of drink, but what kind of tropical fruit concoction is it?Hint: The fruit grows on trees here in Hawaii.(To see the answer, go to the bottom of this blog).The photo was taken on the Sunset Lanai at Dave & Busters in the Kakaako area of Oahu where many cond...
Well, here is something new that I didn't know: we can only tag 10 in a blog. Why is that?Yesterday, I wrote a blog about my "following" Activerain members, because I had just not paid any attention to it for awhile. If you missed it, please click here.Well, this morning I tried to add/tag the 13...
A Q&A question caught my attention where the question was posed "What the heck do I have to do to get you to FOLLOW me"? Well, not quite in those crass words, but she had a point.I have not paid attention to the FOLLOW buttons at all, there are so many new things to push and prod such as "LIKE" a...
Dog the Bounty Hunter lives in Portlock, the luxury beachfront residential area where James Mitchener was turned down for residency back when he had just finished his blockbuster book "Hawaii". In fact, Michener left Hawaii with some bitterness because, he claims he was turned down because his wi...
The first three weeks that I spent in my Hawaii office this summer, I went crazy. There were so many things on my plate, ongoing transaction, new listings, new marketing what have you. I also dealt with different time zones, my California clients calling starting about 5 AM. And, naturally, all m...
I am staying at a wonderful townhouse complex on a golf course in Hawaii while a friend of mine is on her annual trip somewhere in the world. It's a change from where I normally live, very restful so I can get a lot done starting about 6 AM (today actually 3 AM) because of my California clients. ...

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