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Now you see why I want to open up my main California brokerage office in Carmel-by-the-Sea. A Conde Nast poll by readers rates Carmel-by-the-Sea as the #6 favorite city in the country to visit. The reader's poll chose the cities in this order: 1. Charleston 2. Santa Fe 3. San Francisco 4. Honolul...
If your home is on a canyon in California or anywhere where it is dry and there is a likelihood of a fire, you should do what these homeowners are doing: clear brush at least 100' around your home. And even more. Fires in California have burned many homes at edges of canyons. And that potential i...
Today, I had someone contacting me about listing his property. The first thing I do, is look at what has sold in his neighborhood. I do this because I see that there is a hefty loan on his property. And sure enough, his neighbor's property was sold at quite a bit less than this seller's loan. I a...
If you hear the pitter patter of little feet in the ceiling, don't hesitate, call your licensed pest control guy immediately. I just found out that my "rehabbing" project for my senior client to put his house on the market, has this problem. Roof Rats: These like to climb up trees right next to y...
When you are decluttering or just plain downsizing your home and you have a lot of "stuff" that has been in your family for a long time, call in the experts. HAVE YOUR "OLD" STUFF EVALUATED. Yesterday, I had a highly respected art gallery owner come to the "senior" home that I am rehabbing, possi...
 What can I say? I stop by my printers every day to see her little (now) 11 week old standard poodle, Kino. And, of course, her big adopted sister, Rou (short for "Roulette"). Kino tugged at my heart since she first started to tug at my shoe laces, when I first met her. Now she is more interested...
Yes, I really appreciate it when sellers call me to tell me that they plan to list their home as happened yesterday and they would like to talk to me about possibly listing it. And that they are being up-front with me: THAT THEY ARE "INTERVIEWING" AGENTS FROM OTHER BROKERAGES. This is a family th...
This past month, I have been farming a new area in a lot of innovative ways which I have been blogging about here. One lesson I have learned: WHEN TO TELL A NEW ACQUAINTANCE THAT YOU ARE IN REAL ESTATE. I was talking to a sweet lady about her home, and she gave me some indication that she had fri...
Have you gotten this message too, as a direct contact through Activerain about all the millions she will give you that are located in Africa? And, of course, the sob story that is so out there... http://activerain.com/action/agents_secure/message/1209074 I hope that Activerain can do something ab...
While looking for office space, I got to talking to a client of mine, telling him what I was looking for. He is an owner of commercial property, for whom I had found tenants in the past. And he was very happy with the high rent I was able to get for him. In the meantime, the building has been sol...

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