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After sending out emails to the "lenders List" that is posted on the HUD website and realizing that NO-ONE participates in the H4H program.  I guess it would look bad on HUD if they had just a list for this program which showed that there are no lenders who want to participate. Here is my questio...
Here is my question. Is it worth renting out your home for a week for the Obama inauguration?  It seems if you look out on craigslist that this could be a money maker for those who live close enough to make the commute worthwhile. Renting always has the risks associated with it - will my home be ...
I would like to put this out there for some advice. What advice would you give a new agent when it comes to subscribing to all the different websites that promise to get your information infront of buyers, sellers, asset managers?  Does the old addage, you gotta spend money to make money still ho...

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