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Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner?? It's that time of year where most people gather around a table full of family recipes and mouth watering treats but during these difficult economic times, some are unable to enjoy this luxury. This year, Becky and I wanted to give back to t...
Happy Monday to all my fellow Active Rainers. I received a newsletter this morning from the Mayor of Erie Andrew Moore and he had some great information about the upcoming events in our town. I wanted to share them with you because these events always make for some fun during the holiday season. ...
Located on the west side of County Line Road in Erie Colorado, this beautiful community is very easy on the eyes!  One of the most appealing communities in the town of Erie, if you are looking for a change in scenery and an amazing street appeal, you definitely need to check out Erie Village. Th...
My neighbor and business partner, Becky Coet and I decided to give back to our community here in Erie, Colorado by starting an annual Food Drive. We simply delivered donated paper bags to each home in Erie Commons and will be picking up the filled bags at the end of the week. We have had such a w...
When many people hear of Berthoud Colorado, they often think of Berthoud Pass. Many skiers are familiar with this, but if you aren't a skier, you are missing a cute little town that I call my home town. Located just 40 minutes north of Denver (depending on traffic of course), is the town of Berth...
This might be my first rant-post so caution, there might be a little frustration coming through my blog today. Hopefully it's a one time thing and I'll get back to my normal lighthearted stuff. So my family and I went to Costco today to do our monthly stock-up on the essentials...cereal, juice bo...
Being a native Coloradoan, I've grown up having seasonal snow. From the blizzard of 1982 (I think, I was a kid so I'm not completely sure of the year), to the one in 2006, it's inevitable that we will get some snowy cold white stuff soon. Here it is November and we haven't had any snow (unless yo...
  One evening while sitting out with my neighbors, I noticed that Chris said "take the lid off the bottle and recycle the bottle". I looked at him kind of strange and he informed me that the recycling plant will throw away the entire bottle because the cap cannot be recycled. That was news to me ...
As we all know, getting started in the real estate business can be quite a challenge. Here's a little history on my journey to becoming a Realtor and how I am as a person both personally and professionally. I figure this may help all of you get to know me since this is a huge network and I think ...
  Early yesterday I received numerous emails about candy that may be tainted and wanted to pass on information that I received. I first received a warning about chocolate coins made in China this is the actual link emailed from my daughter's preschool teacher: http://www.snopes.com/food/warnings/...

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