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Through our work, we're lucky enough to meet some pretty fascinating, impressive people. Sometimes--often, actually--those people become our customers and we all go on to write shared success stories. For us, there are few better examples of people like that than Laurie Davis & Lisa Archer. They ...
“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.” Whether or not you recall this quote from the super-duper 80s classic “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, it kinda captures the spirit of what’s happening the spirit of what’s happening here at HGHQ (that’s Happy Grasshopper Headquarters for those of yo...
We don’t get many complaints from our customers. That’s something we’re pretty proud of here at Happy Grasshopper. Happy customers getting great results are what drives us. There are some folks, however, that simply “don’t get it.” Joe Lucci didn’t “get it”. Until he did. Joe is a cool dude. Like...
One of the most frequent questions we get at Happy Grasshopper is "WHY do your messages work so well?" Given what's been drilled into people's heads forever and ever, ad nauseum, it's understandable that lots of folks wouldn't be able to "get it". How could something that wasn't branded to look l...
Do you remember that movie from the early 90s--Indecent Proposal?  I don't remember it because it was such a great movie, really. I remember it because of the questions it raised. In case you don't recall, the plot was something like this: Robert Redford plays an extraordinarily wealthy guy. On a...
Yesterday, President Obama sat down with Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff. I mean, WHOA, right? Now, I'm not going to get into any political discourse or spout any opinions left, right, blue, red, purple, green or otherwise, because this is most certainly not the forum for it. What I *DO* want to talk ...
You know what? I LOVE talking to our customers. LOVE it. Do you know why? Because they are awesome and hilarious and quirky and fun and SMART. They never fail to make me laugh or to get me all amped up with their enthusiasm for life, their work, and, of course, for Happy Grasshopper (which is pre...
Be human. That’s what everyone is talking about these days. Be authentic. Make your business about people. Find the human connections. This idea, of course, isn’t rocket surgery. For most people, the notion of treating people like people, at the very least, SOUNDS like something that makes sense....
Noah Kagan wants to help you give your customers a lovegasm. :) Seriously, this is some pretty rock solid advice.   My favorite was coming up with your Hell Yas and Hell Nos.  Here is my list for Happy Grasshopper:   Hell Yas Be fun, friendly and helpful - Make sure people know you are there when...
Team Happy Grasshopper has just returned from a terrific week in Fort Worth, Texas, where we took part at the inaugural session of REX Annual, a new breed of Real Estate conference sponsored by HousingWire. Going into the event, none of use was quite sure what to expect, but coming out? The messa...

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