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Ashphalt  Driveway Sealing by Handyman Staff LLC We will call you the morning of or the night before your appointment if weather prohibits us from sealcoating your asphalt driveway. Information on our procedures and some preparations for the home owners to follow. Procedures: When the staff arriv...
  Clogged downspouts and overflowing gutters can lead to extensive damage to you home, landscaping, and basement walls. Gutter cleaning by Handyman Staff LLC is done by hand and bagged at the roof level, so no debris falls on the yard below and we always check downspouts to ensure proper drainag...
PLUMBING* Add or replace fixtures Repair leaks Repair / replace water supplies Toilet repair     ELECTRICAL* Dimmer switches Install / replace ceiling fans Replace electrical switch / outlet Replace circuit breaker Label electrical panels     BATHROOMS Small wall and floor tile repair Wood floor...
There is a lot of discussion these days about saving energy and using energy efficient light fixtures. What are they? How can you do it? And, what should you look for? These are all common questions when trying to tackle this task. The professional craftsmen with Handyman Staff LLC can definitely...
If you want to attempt to install your own ceiling fan there are two things that you must be comfortable with first. Working on a ladder is difficult sometimes and you must not be afraid of heights. Second and most important, you need to take the necessary precautions to work with electricity saf...
At Handyman Staff LLC, we believe that quality craftsmanship, dependability, and a reasonable price are what drive our business. We personally come out a survey each job request so that we can provide you an accurate quote with no surprise charges. Each job will be thoroughly evaluated and discus...

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