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what you need for this is:1 chicken ( fryer)                      1 can undiluted frozen orange juiceflour                                          1/2 liquid smoke1 tsp. salt and pepper               1/4 tsp. hickory seasoning1/2 can beer                              1 tsp garlic powder2 Tbsp. H...
This past year has had ups and downs, great January and February but then March hit and thinks started to shut down.  Good new on May 9 thinks started to start to open up in our state again.  To bad it did not last last for long, lots of close down, people out of money and housing prices going u...
Nothing in fine print is ever good news. - Andy RooneyOnce you learn to quit, it becomes a habit. - Vince LombarbiThe most successful businessman is the man who holds oto the old just as long as it is good, and grass the new just as soon as it is better. - Lee LacoccaIf you don't like the road yo...
Always learning from Realyna inc with their greaat blogs and here is another one.  Real estate brokers play an important role in every real estate transaction. From negotiations to liaising and finalizing contracts, the real estate industry depends on them one way or another.  Now, the sentiment ...
Erika Rae Albert wrote a great blog that we can all benefit from here in the Rain.  Here's everything you need to consider.  Selling an investment property is quite different than selling your primary residence. When you are considering selling a property that is tenant-occupied you will need to ...
A kind answer soothes angry feelings. - Will HammA goal is a dream with a deadline. - Napoleon HillLife is like a landscape.  You live in the midst of it but can describe it only from the vantage point of distance. - Charles LindberghThe only source of knowledge is experience. - Albert EinstainIn...
My neighbor has covid-19 and not doing good but staying home.  She called and said her husband wants something special from me.                                      It is a Chocolate Cocoa Pieso here it is 1 cup sugar                                                  3 egg yolks5 level TBSP. flour...
My Mother own her own restaurant and would close on Thanksgiving , Christmas and New Year for the hold day.  We would always have a family gether to gether for the whole family and she would do all the cooking.  See would start the morning up at the cabin with baking 4 pies, mince meat, apple, ch...
  May your Christmas be merry and bright.Good tidings and cheer to you and yours!      T his has been a weird year for so many of us but we manage to     make it to Christmas and New Year Eve is next week.   2021 has to                                                      be a better year for al...
Santa knows physics:  Of all colors, red light penetrates fog best.  That's why Benny the blue nose reindeer never got the gig. - Neil TysonThis year santa claus has the right idea- visit people only once this  year! - Victor BorgeThe three stages of the man:  He believes in Santa Claus; He does ...

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