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Connecticut is an area rich in traditions. This past weekend New Haven hosted the Yale-Harvard football game, which brought the city to gridlock - again. This is an event steeped in tradition, down to the wearing of those huge raccoon coats. Did you know that the game of football as we know it to...
Today's blog is about a topic I hold dear: the joy of having a good neighbor. I grew up in a rural part of the Hudson Valley in New York State. As a child, I learned that a good neighbor was like gold. My parents couldn't stress it enough. Winters were harsh and you might need a neighbor to help ...
In thanksgiving, I am going to write about things we should be grateful for this week. Today, I would like to focus on the volunteers in our local communities, who contribute so much to the quality of life we enjoy. In particular, I'd like to talk about the generosity of the people of Greater New...
or is it the Fun House? Either way, we Realtors have to manoeuvre dips and turns and blurry images to figure out where the market and overall economy are going. The headlines seem to change every day. Today's news from the Commerce Department states that housing starts fell in October, due to a s...
Ever wish you had a chance to do it over again? Do you remember hearing just a few years ago, "I wish I had bought that house a decade earlier...." According to the economists at NAR, this period we are living in gives us an opportunity to do it again and get it right this time. Never has housing...
This title may evoke a zen-like peaceful feeling, but it describes the opposite. It has to do with the frenetic pace of building in the cities of China. I just returned from a 9 day visit to Beijing and Shanghai with the New Haven Chamber of Commerce. As a real estate agent, I was astonished by t...
On Sunday morning I looked out of a second story window at home and saw something sparkling in the distance, where Quinnipiac University is building the new 250 acre York Hill Campus in Hamden. The sparkles were coming from the new "windmills" which the university has erected to generate power fo...
Despite billions of tax dollars poured into banks that are "too big to fail", bank lending is down for the year. TARP money flowed to banks in the heat of the banking crisis a year ago, but the government placed no specific  requirements for the use of the funds, other than for banks to have adeq...
Whether attributable to the $8000 tax credit or an improving economy, NAR announced today that sales of previously owned homes rose to their highest level in over two years. There is always a pickup in sales in September, when kids go back to school and parents re-focus on house hunting. This yea...
People often ask me what is takes to be a successful real estate agent. The above referenced skill set comes to mind. In a market like this, it takes experience to know that the economy will eventually turn around. We need to convey that sense of hope to our clients, and particularly to our buyer...

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