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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS & ad bloopers.
 ​ Hi friends – Happy 2019! It seems we have started with a blast of bloopers, but it’s always good to begin the new year with a smile. Please enjoy:   A Cut Above   “Built-in book shives” (This must be cutting edge literature.)    "Nice House - creek runs through it"  (Maybe it's time to call Ro...
My beautiful and beloved state is on fire, and my friend’s Malibu home burned to the ground. We are all devastated. There are no words to express the gratitude we have for our brave firefighters... GOD BLESS & PROTECT OUR BRAVE FIREFIGHTERS & FIRST RESPONDERS  The Entertainment Industry Foundatio...
 If selling houses is like selling dreams, then welcome to my nightmare. Check out these hilarious bloopers that may convince buyers NOT to buy a home:Interpreter, Please?“Iv covered walls” (You're selling Mayo Clinic?)“No night hors” (Tell that to the gals working Hollywood Blvd.)“Wall rocks in ...
Hi Friends, some of you asked for another MLS blooper post, so I aim to please. Here is a mixture of some new head-scratching bloopers, as well as some of my old favorites that I thought were so funny they deserved another round:  Plug In The George Foreman“Radiation heat” (Buy, fry, and die.)"Re...
 This is pre-vacay hustle week, so for your amusement,  I am re-posting one of my Blooper Blogs with a few new additions. One field of study in education must be in hibernation, my friends – spelling! But how much fun would we have if we couldn’t occasionally laugh at some of these ridiculous gaf...
  It's Blooper Friday, folks, and Summer Daze seems to be rampant. Please enjoy these MLS and real estate advertising gaffes:Beans and Such“Open lentil 2:00”  (Clueless agent at 1:00) “Fruit archer in yard” (That explains the arrow in your gourd.) “Great color flavors” (Spoiler Alert: Licking lea...
GWEN BANTA RELEASES NEWEST NOVEL!   The plot is deep and full of colorful details, twists and surprises, leading you to experience the action as if you are riding along with Sam. Great writing, and the intrigue of New Orleans and deep psychological drama make Inside Sam Lerner a must-read. Great...
There are no secrets in LA! Word is out regarding who bought musician Moby's stunning home that I just sold, so I may as well share it with my AR family. Patrick Martin and I had the listing...and WE didn't leak it! Nevertheless, congratulations to all!
 PROS AND CONS"This is a new con job” – (Obviously this is a government project.)“You can't heart noise” (Can you "heart" me saying that your spelling sucks?)“Many yucks plants” (Well that explains the cover charge.)“Attach your car to offer” (Competition just reached a new low in real estate.)"H...
Hi Blooper fans. This must be a short blooper post as I am traveling, so I selected ten humdingers just to send you into the weekend with laughter. Thanks to AR's own fabulous Jane Peters for her incredible find! Please enjoy:  Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! "Big wok in closet" (Big fire truc...

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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS and real estate ad bloopers.