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You can't say this any better than my friend and colleague Larry Bettag says it here. As a lender having to work within the confines of anti-coercion laws with insurers I struggle with this issue constantly. Do what's right for your customers and surround yourself with the best experts in every f...
This is news we have been actively fighting for. Thanks for getting the word out Robert! Now if they will just improve underwriting turn times!  USDA UPDATE: (This is Based on a phone conversation today with our local field office)  The USDA will be issuing a 6 month extension to the ability to o...
Late last year the administration announced changes to the Home Affordable Refinance Program. These changes were designed to reach a greater number of families that had previously been denied from taking advantage of record low interest rates. Although the government sponsored programs have admit...
Rebekah shares some valuable info for our veterans that may be facing the need to sell their VA loan backed home. This info isn't just limited to her market area, it applies anywhere the VA guarantees loans. Thanks for a great blog Rebekah!If you are a veteran stationed at Ft. Carson, Schriever, ...
Back in December of 2009 we were coming to the realization that new mandated mortgage disclosures where likely hurting more than they would help. Check out this link for some of that history, The road to hell and the new mortgage disclosures. Fast forward to May, 2011. The now famous Consumer Fin...
This is too good not to share. If you haven't listened in you are in for a treat. Ken Cook and crew truly are on the edge of social media and the tips, suggestions, etc. they offer up will keep you on top of the game. Thanks Ken! It has come to my attention that Social Media Edge has had only abo...
  Beginning October 1st the USDA will implement a change that will effectively result in "monthly private mortgage insurance" for this valuable program. Do you know how it will affect you? Check out this link and see the dollars and sense!
Amid much talk about a real estate "double dip", shadow inventory, and a continuing crush of foreclosures; the market seems to be reacting with a mind of its own. Here in the middle of Florida, a state hit hard by foreclosures, we are seeing what may be a new equilibrium. Sure there is a lot of i...
With 2010 behind us, there are many tax related considerations for those fortunate enough to have bought last year. From property taxes to income taxes and even home buyer tax credits- purchasing a home can have a huge positive effect on your tax bills. Property Taxes The start of a new year alwa...
Another great post by my friend and colleague Jeff Belonger that needs to be shared. Every circumstance is different and every situation unique in it's own way so make sure your lender explores all your options and shares them with you. It's the only way to make an informed decision. Thanks for t...

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