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Current Up-to-Date informative information about Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado Counties as well as City and neighborhood info...breaking news for Real Estate along with tips for Buyers and Sellers as well as Market predictions and current Real Estate statistics for each City and Zip in the Tri-County areas.
In an article on Sacramento Real Estate Voice this week, as a Sacramento Short Sale agent I felt it was time again to explain to the Sacramento homeowners that are having trouble paying their house payment and have fallen behind, just what some of their options are. Sometimes, as a Sacramento hom...
Recently, I wrote an article on Sacramento Real Estate Voice that breaks down CA SB931 which will take effect on January 1, 2011 in California. This new California bill is  deficiency protection for CA Short Sales of 1-4 units which protects homeowners and investors from recourse on their first m...
On September 7, 2010, the Obama Administration implemented the long awaited help to struggling homeowners facing foreclosure. It's a plan that supposedly is to help at least 500,000 distressed homeowners throughout the U.S. I wrote an article on Sacramento Real Estate Voice about this plan and ho...
Although I have been absent from Active Rain for several years, I have continued to receive emails from Active Rain members asking questions about how to place their listings on Active Rain as well as thank you emails for all the many articles I wrote back in the day helping Realtors ®. It has be...
Due to our economic times and all the negativity that surrounds us with television and the news, it seems that it is time to take action and be proactive. Many families are struggling to make ends meet.  Sometimes it's hard to think of different ways to save money.  It's like the old saying   you...
GREAT NEWS for California Homebuyers!  Double Jeopardy... Home buyers who buy a house from a  home builder will receive $10,000 tax credit. This is a CA State tax credit which applies only to new construction. click to read : Rules to Qualify for tax credit: If you like what you read here on Sacr...
  Click Sacramento MLS where you can pick any community or city around Sacramento and see homes for sale or simply click on the search icon and pick the area you are interested in finding a home or condo for sale in . If you like what you read here on Sacramento Real Estate Voice simply click and...
While showing homes for sale in Sacramento and waiting for the home buyer to meet me at the house I found some information that will save you some money if you call 411 and get charged for those information calls. Google has a nationwide information source that is absolutely FREE. It works on cel...
Where is all this bailout money that we as tax payers have paid banks?  As a Sacramento Realtor/Broker and owner of Riede Real Estate I am here to tell you that the banks have taken our money and bought out other banks and no telling what else...but they aren't helping the distressed homeowner. F...
This week I was contacted by Jesse Herman, the Awareness Coordinator at the Mesothelioma Cancer Center who was looking for a Voice that would reach the Sacramento homeowners and home buyers.  Sacramento REAL Estate Voice was asked to help since so many of our readers live in Sacramento.  I always...

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