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North Metro Atlanta Perspective on Real Estate News and Issues by 25 Year Veteran Realtor News for Roswell, Alpharetta, Canton, Johns Creek, Milton, Cumming, Duluth, Dunwoody, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Woodstock, Georgia about Neighborhoods and the GA Real Estate Market
Your Email Address is again compromised and published if you list property and you probably don't even know it happened.  A new company is now advertising our listings throughout the country off MLS feeds and additionally is openly publishing your email address on the World Wide Web for the spamm...
Rates are increasing on April 1, so if you are doing FHA, both the Up Front Fees and the MIP is increasing.  The change will result in about a $20 to $30 change per month, the changes are outlined in the below blog. In today's real estate market, many buyers are opting for the FHA route for obtai...
DS News just wrote that Obama has just announced modifications to HAMP - Home Affordable Modification Program.  The announcement includes a second look at borrowers who may have not qualified under the last HAMP program with a change in debt to income requirements for owner occupied homes.  It ev...
HARP was announced many months ago as the opportunity for responsible mortgagors who are current on their payments but underwater on their values of their homes to get a break on high interest rate or adjustable mortgages.  The only problem with the HARP announcement is that even though it was an...
Short Sale may be the best alternative if you cannot make your mortgage payments, or do not qualify for a modification or are just insolvent without resources.  The Short Sale tax consequences need to be strategically planned in advance as they are a key consideration.  Using Real Estate Agents a...
Binding means that the contract should close, or at least it used to mean that before the banks got involved in closings.  Now it is really difficult to get a contract final and binding before it closes.  This is  a great blog covering that informationDo you remember when you got your first check...
I typically don't post anything about what is going on outside of Real Estate, because my life revolves around family, community and real estate mostly, oh except for my 2 - 4 legged children (the dogs). I had a friend post this on Facebook today and it really took me back, to listen to it and to...
Both the City of Canton and Woodstock GA have provided for Tree Recycling this year.  Trees can be mulched providing wood chips or can be used for wildlife habitation for fish in the local lakes.   Free Tree Mulch will be made available and tree seedlings at these cities as follows. In Canton, ta...
DeCluttering is something that needs to be ongoing so that new can come into your space continually.  Remember Nature hates a void and you can create new things by simply getting a void by eliminating the old things and putting them to good use.  Good post by Suzanne belowHave you ever taken an i...
Drainage is one of the biggest problems with foundations and basements here in the south if the grading of water away from the foundation is not correct, it can result in big problems.  This is an excellent article on drainage!!!!Grading is essential to a house and home inspector reports often sa...

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