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For those of you that follow any of my blogs, I just closed a short sale on a listing that I've had for two years. The short sale was very stressful.  At one point, the seller panicked and thought the bank was going to foreclosue.  Instead of calling me so that I can explain to him that due to th...
Brain Teaser #4 Here's one for you to figure out: You have the misfortune to own an unreliable clock. This one loses exactly 24 minutes every hour. It is now showing 3:00am and you know that is was correct at midnight, when you set it. The clock stopped 1 hour ago, what is the correct time now?  ...
These two escrows were the most difficult and taxing on me that I've ever had. So much so that the level of stress dropped my resistance and now I'm at home, in bed, eating soup, in my bathrobe with a death grip on a box of Kleenex and major bed-head that makes me look like a cockatiel. And to to...
The April 30, 2010 deadline is almost here.  This will be your final opportunity to take advantage of the Federal Homebuyer Tax Credit. First-time buyers can qualify for an $8,000 tax credit! Move-up buyers can qualify for a $6,500 tax credit as long as you have lived in your home for five consec...
I heard of this site through a friend of mine. It is a really great site for renters, and also for students who are paying a student loan. It actually gives renters credit history for paying their rent, and allows them to either build credit or improve their credit simply by paying their rent.  Y...
These rates are typical for the PURCHASE SFR borrower with excellent credit and a sizable down payment, exclusive of FHA for the down payment. Take a look at FHA 5/1 ARM rates below, as those rates are at 3.375% for all loans up to $729,750-this is amazing! This can be a very attractive alternati...
I had an episode on a short sale listing where my seller got a phone call from the bank while we were in escrow on this short sale listing. The foreclosure sale was on suspension, as it usually is, while we were progressing towards the closing date. Well, instead of contacting me so that I can ex...
For those of you that read my blog post about my buyer's lender KILLING the deal on this listing, I have some good news. Through every form of networking available to mankind, I was actually able to get through to some senior VP's at IndyMac, and through the most stressful, diligent efforts I've ...
I'm sure most of us have received phone calls from prospects on your listings calling in stating "I don't have an agent". Let's face it, plenty of people have jumped on board with the notion that "If I work with the listing agent, I'll get a bargain". I had another one of those just last night.  ...
URGENT MATTER - If anyone knows anyone who knows ANYONE that has a VIP status at IndyMac Bank (aka OneWest Bank), please contact me. I have a situation with a short sale that I desperately need assistance with from a VIP at IndyMac Bank.


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