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Life and times of a Home Inspector in NH. The every day triumphs and tribulations, A sneek peak ino my life as a Dad, Brother, Husband, Friend, and Home Inspector.
I have been looking at homes in North Conway NH lately. I have been using to find contractors and contact realtors in North Conway. ( we are getting ready to make the move!) Just thought those that are not listed in this local directory, might like to add thier...
I love this time of year..The trees here in Salem are starting to change. Post your Autum pictures and let us see what your area looks like.   also to correct my typo it was 
I guess I wont be Driving my baby any more! Daughter was driving and got cut off! No one was hurt thank God.  also check out   PS: Father's day is Gonna be Huge next Year!!!!
  To my Brother (who is a new Realtor)   Termite Damage And Real Estate "   Termite damage, no matter how small it may be, is never good for a home. But it can be fixed!   This might be hard to swallow. During a real estate inspection, if any termite damage is found, it will probably affect the o...
Hi all I thought this was kind of interesting. Good You tube video on McCain's screw ups for you Obam Fans. ~   I don't unnecessarily agree with this site, but the video, articles about McCain are eye opening.   (site is a little controversial)    Matt.    
My Office has been very stuffy this past week. But I scored an air-conditioner  100% Free! "Now I can get some work done!"
OK so in a few years there has been many updates to my web site.  Address change, Updated Pictures and Info all the way to how the site looked and performed. Well over $2000 worth of work.  In the early days when I made changes I also made a back up of my files. It was actually a feature within m...
Well I decided now was as good a time to make some major upgrades to my site. Ive learned a lot about web sites especialy the part about having current backups. any how I hope my new site will be up in a day or so. untill then. there's an audio on the site where I can call y...
Where is my site?  It was there and then it was gone! Apparently my hosting company had a major issue this weekend. My tech guy is in the process of moving the site to a new hosting company. I will post a Shout when it is back online~  
As an inspector I print a lot of pages. I have found the cheapest solution ( for an inkjet )is refill them my self.  I went to Walmart and purchased an $8 refil kit for my Lexmark all in one. I get about 3 refills. and it works flawlessly. It's not too bad a process once you get one or two refil...

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Life and times of a Home Inspector in NH. The every day triumphs and tribulations, A sneek peak ino my life as a Dad, Brother, Son, Friend, and Home Inspector.