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The thoughts of Glenn Roberts about active retired life in Seattle
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate $440,000 New Ballard Listing In This Post 1760 NW 62nd is the home you've been looking for   New Ballard Listing: Charming 1941 2+ bedroom home priced at $440,000. The owner bought this home 8 years ago as a single man. Since then...
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate Road Trip Memories Summary The wildlife encountered on our Glacier National Park Vacation   We recently spent 9 days in Glacier National Park and encountered several of the wild animals one hopes to see on a vacation such as this....
Today is the end of our two weeks on the road from Washington to Montana and around Glacier National Park on a Great Lodge Tour of our own making. Now it is home again and back to business as usual. The weather wasn't perfect; a colder and wetter late summer in the park, but we enjoyed every minu...
In Glacier National Park,  TPTB decided our experience whould be heightened if we didn't have wifi or cell phone connectivity. We're on the edge of the park now, so to head for Canada and Waterton, the Canadian segment of the park. A few days ago we hiked from McDonald Lake at 3000 feet to Sperry...
Today we rode the gondola to 6777 feet on Big Mountain and then Marjie, sis-in-law Sherry and brother Tony hiked down cataloging the wildflowers. Along the 6 mile way we enjoyed:hawkweed,indian paint brush, harbell, fireweed, butter and eggs, birds-footrefoil, asters, woodland sunflowers, pearly-...
From Missoula we headeded north to Flathead Lake country and lodged at the north end of the lake in a log cabin. Cool and partly rainy. We met up with my brother Tony and his wife from Minnesota. Thursday we'll head into Glacier National Park for eight days. It is supposed to warm up too.
After an early river walk and a circumambulation around Tubb's Hill and the return to our motel (about 9 miles) we loaded out for Missoula. About 8 years ago we stopped here and had an excellent dinner. At the same location we found a new restuarant: The Silk Road and enjoyed a dinner even better...
On route to no where in particular we stopped in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho today for lunch, a hike, dinner and a place to stay. One piece of downtown statuary seemed to be screaming in anguish,"No more newspapers. News on the Net. Read all about it. Last chance to get a paper."
 Glenn Roberts   |  Ravenna Park  |  My Seattle   | Lake & Co Real Estate Bad News? Or Not So Bad? In This Post It's not all bad, folks. I read in the newspaper everyday about bad news in the housing industry. The numbers from last year (a bad year, by the way) were better than this year. And la...
Glenn Roberts | Ravenna Park | My Seattle | Lake & Co Real Estate Writing a Purchase Offer in Washington. Got it. In This Post Do buyers today really listen and read.   I recently had the good fortune to write an offer for some young clients. The standard offer form we use in our MLS is five pag...

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