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The thoughts of Glenn Roberts about active retired life in Seattle
Kristine Ginsberg from Morris County, N.J. has some clear and concise advice for home sellers. Get your home in order before putting it on the market and you will knock the socks off the buyers touring. You need to be a stand-out to be a successful seller. Preparing Your Home For Sale - The Top 1...
Back in the 1960's I read Raise High The Roof Beams, Carpenters by J. D. Salinger. In the opening pages of the story Salinger retells an old Taoist tale that goes like this: Duke Mu of Chin said to Po Lo: "You are now advanced in years. Is there any member of your family whom I could employ to lo...
Few cities, if any, appeared on the scene over night (remember, "Rome wasn't built in a day?). Even well planned cities have taken unusual twists and turns along the way from ground breaking to current habitation. And no two cities have ever taken identical paths. Builders of condominium complexe...
Rain Camp and the Active Rain 5th Anniversary Party starts today and ends Wednesday with a barbeque at headquarters. I'm commuting today on my trusty Felt bike from Ride Bicycles in Roosevelt. This is not really a commuter bike, but I use it a whole lot more lately, especially when my destination...
Start With No by Jim Camp begins with a challenging proposition, one that most real estate agents will back off from. The author "explains why win-win is an ineffective, often disastrous strategy" and I'll add that he does so quite effectively. I read this book with a closed mind and the fixed c...
What is Moving Link? It is a company in western Washington formed in 1997 to assist home sellers in locating the right mover for their needs with out having to contact every mover in town. Moving Linkis able to connect a seller with the right mover for them and facilitate a move any where in the ...
Ken Harney writes and interesting post re Short Sale Fraud, but I didn't like the particular way it uses common terms. When he says A comprehensive new study estimates they will lose more than $375 million this year alone when they sell undervalued houses to tag teams consisting of real-estate ag...
  Even people in Seattle wonder why Realtors earn so much for putting a sign in the ground. Mimi Foster explains what we do in great detail. She also links to her own post on what we do for buyers. Boith are very good reads.   Previously I posted a list of What Realtors Do for BUYERS.  Many of yo...
Ravenna-Roosevelt May 2011 Market Report The 16 closings in May was double that of the 8 closings of residential property in the Ravenna and Roosevelt neighborhoods of Seattle during April. Surely a good sign that the people who took the plunge actually made it to the closing table.  Active listi...
  For my hometown sports fans and real estate noodlers, this piece from John MacArthur in the DC area explains why Washington and Seattle are good to go. Well, the Nationals have some work to do...just saying.   This morning's Washington Post ran a story titled "Home prices take a double dip".  T...

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