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Various thoughts about real estate, business, effective communication, sales, and marketing.
Despite the clear problems in the housing market, I continue to see people surprised by the expected and the predictable.  And it is costing them money and time. Houses are still being listed for sale at prices that would have been high three years ago in neighborhoods where even the heavily disc...
Although this story is not about real estate, I think it may actually be good to look at this issue from a different perspective to make it easier to see past our own filters and mental blocks.... Several years ago I interviewed a young man for a job at my company.  He was personable and seemed b...
On a recent vacation, we strolled through a hotel casino just to take a look around during the early part of a day.  There were rows and rows of electronic machines being played by people that, in my opinion, looked like they might not have really had the money to be there.  The beautiful and bri...
I think most people have seen the reality television show "Cops", which films police in various cities as they deal with events from mundane to serious.  I'm not a regular viewer but I see the show occasionally if I'm channel surfing on the weekend. One thing I find interesting about this show is...
One of the greatest challenges of real estate transactions can be arguments that sometimes develop, often over emotional issues that are inserted in to a "business" transaction by one or more parties (buyer, seller, agent, lender, etc.)  What a shame and what a waste of time and energy for everyo...
In college, I was a photographer on the yearbook staff and our office was a place to "hang out" between classes.  We'd work on the yearbook, study and socialize. One day in my senior years (yes, plural), my friends were all sharing stories about one particular professor from the College of Busine...
A conversation near me recently had a very upset woman declare, "I'm bipolarizing!"  What she was really doing was having an adult tantrum.   She sounded angry but was not out of control.  To me, she seemed to be working hard to create a sense of crisis in hopes it would drive others do her biddi...
My wife and I were traveling late one night and stop off the Interstate at a gas station.  In a car parked at another gas pump is a woman having a very heated conversation on her cell phone. As we passed near her car, we heard her yell at the cell phone, "What we have here is an imaginary situati...
Ever know someone that frequently, and I mean VERY frequently, says, "It's Not My Fault!"  (or some version of this)! Did you believe them?  Did you wonder how they could always seem to believe this?  Maybe it's the other agent, the homeowner, the buyer, the lender, the title insurance underwrite...
I was driving recently on a bright, early morning with the Sun low on the horizon.  As I struggled and squinted to see oncoming traffic and traffic lights, I thought about the fact that, instinctively, I didn't look directly into the Sun.  Now we all know that staring at the Sun can cause permane...

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