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Various thoughts about real estate, business, effective communication, sales, and marketing.
  When discussing training for staff and their team, I have had more than one prospective client express concern about the effort and expense.  One of their biggest fears is, "What if I SPEND all this time and money to train them and then they LEAVE?" My response always seems to surprise them. "W...
Bad attitudes poison messages, listings, deals, businesses and relationships. Worse than a bad attitudes is a passive-aggressive bad attitude. Black Sunshine. Black sunshine may come in the form of deceptive smiles, false appreciation, backhanded compliments, undermining rumors, and condescending...
"Thankfully, clients can be difficult."  What? Did you immediately think, "Why should I be thankful for that ! ? ! ?" Well, let's look at this from a distance for a moment. If all clients were as smart, resourceful, educated, logical, connected, and cooperative as you and your company, then why w...
As our mothers taught, we all know it is polite to say "Thank You!" and important to mean it. The sharing of appreciation with others builds rapport and shows respect. These are keys to effective communication and healthy relationships. However, I believe there is another power of appreciation. O...
Who Are You? "He who knows others is learned; He who knows himself is wise."    ~ Lao Tzu, father of Taoism So many real estate and lending professionals complain about how others don't understand them. Sellers won't listen, buyers don't understand, underwriters ignore us, and agents won't even c...
Recently I observed a very interesting sequence of statements. A woman was sharing how tough times were and how she struggled to make ends meet with her public assistance money. She pointed out that her $200 per month in food stamps was not enough to buy food for her household and that at times s...
I'm trying to write. I've worked on a dozen in-progress articles and I've not been happy with my progress on any of them. Some days, this is just part of the process. Edit, save, move on, and return another time (or day). Ah, but on top of a little writer's block, there is another danger to my fo...
The current economy and challenges in the real estate market have clearly steered attitudes in a different direction than a few years ago. And there are factual reasons for concerns. But when times were good and when times are not, we sometimes let the outside influences dictate our attitude too ...
Sometimes the best lessons for our business efforts and dealing with colleagues and service providers comes from experiences outside of work. Several years ago, I was an assistant coach for a traveling basketball team of 15 year old boys. The tournaments were physically and mentally challenging e...
Have you ever tried to politely encourage someone who refuses to even consider (or even listen to) your words? Maybe you've offered a compliment to someone who was not only incapable of a gracious "thank you," but also would set out to prove your compliment wrong. They may even do this at the ris...

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